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Dec 4, 2015 | Life in Progress

I’m obsessed with Instagram – it’s my favorite online home! Here’s a recap from the last week, and for those of you who aren’t on Instagram, come and join me! And you can click here to see all the Instagram updates right here on my blog!

Friday, November 20

I took a short trip to Manzanita yesterday with a couple of girlfriends. This little town holds so much magic for me. It would be a dream to be able to own a little cabin here someday. The weather was gorgeous and so much peace in my soul. Love you, #manzanita!
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NOTICE: You are hereby allowed to be happy, to love yourself, to realize your worth, to believe in great things, and to be treated with love and respect. I’ve seen this quote floating around the Internet, and I adore it. Good reminder going into the weekend,
my friends. Have a great one! – See more at: http://iconosquare.com/viewer.php#/detail/1031236835330443657_4682769

A heart for the world. We need all the love and all the small sacred moments and all the kindness and generosity of spirit we can get, no? With all the heartbreak happening in the world one of the small yet big things I feel a responsibility to do is to live with joy, to radiate out love. It’s a small contribution but a worthy and potent one and maybe even a healing one. Sending love to all. ❤️?
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Dear You,
You are a part of something beautiful, something bigger, something deeply, profoundly, astonishingly good.
Love, The Stars

Saturday, November 21


Our street is lit up in colors and I couldn’t love it more. Happy weekend, ya’ll. Xxo ?????



Whoa. Another tree on our street. Seriously? Autumn is showing us her colors.


Sunday, November 22


Hello world. We are out in the holiday cheer and the cuteness factor has gone through the roof with dog clothes. I can hardly believe I’m one of those ladies that dresses up her dog. But I cannot help myself. Also, True digs it. They are such a pair, these two. Heart through the roof.


The light in our house this weekend has been so lovely. It’s been downright Portlandy lately with lots of grey and rain. And so when the sun shines, especially the Autumn sun, it just seems, I don’t know, more glorious. Also, most of the yellow leaves have fallen from the two large maples trees we have and I love how you can see the branches through these windows. Lately I’ve been fluffing and moving plants and envisioning the holidays here. Last year was our first holiday season but this year we’re more settled and it just feels more homey than ever around here. LOVE.


Monday, November 23



Gratitude surrounds her… We’re having an unexpected Monday together. And we both got #dressedupinjoy for the occasion. Does it matter that I’m wearing the same outfit as yesterday because I was scrambling this morning for whatever was quick and easy? Nahhhhh. Joy is joy. Even if it’s a little smelly.http://gardengalleryironworks.com/search?q=notebook


You guys. We have started decorating today for the season and I’m in the spirit a bit early. You too? I’m starting a thing called “Kelly Rae’s Gift Picks” where I’ll showcase some of my fave products that I think would be lovely as gifts. I’m gonna start with these these mini notebooks that I adore. The one on top says “The smallest of moments” on the front, and inside the flap reads: “Bring the greatest joys.” Awesome gifts or stocking stuffers!
Find all the mini notebooks at the online retailer Garden Gallery!

Tuesday, November 24



Surrender your fear and be brave with your life…


It feels like a world away, though it was less than two weeks ago. Honestly friends, I’m having a hard time with the re-entry into real life. I’m struggling with integration of solitude (for me, that’s soul care) into my everyday busy life as a working mama. I’m curious how do you guys do it? Early mornings? Evenings? Where and how often do you fit in your soul/self care and downtime? As an eternal warrior optimist I know it’s possible but it sure would be nice if time stopped for a bit while I figured it out and caught up with myself. 



It’s happening. We usually wait until after Thanksgiving but we cannot help ourselves. Here’s everything on the dining room table. Now to decorate! Also, John’s mom scored a life size vintage Santa that sings and dances. True went NUTS over it. Do you see it in the background?


Wednesday, November 25



The 2nd of my gift picks! I’m excited about this little series;). These wood block manifestos make super great gifts and are absolutely one of my fave things we’ve ever made! Perfect for coworkers’ desks or a new neighbor’s mantel. High quality, handmade, and the perfect size for displaying anywhere. Find them at the online retailer Garden Gallery!



I wish I was super witty like my friend Leigh so I could come up with funny captions for the MANY photos we have of Lulu
but truly the only thing that comes to mind is “mood”. Took her to the vet yesterday for her last vaccine. She’s almost 30 pounds at 14 weeks. She was 10 pounds when we got her at 9 weeks.


Hello cute new soft layered tunic. I love you so. You guys! I recently discovered Neesh by D.A.R. clothing – a small clothing line powered by a woman and her dream. Holy smokes, their amazing layered looks and vintage construction make me swoooon. Truly, I’m in love. Even better, they’re letting me spread the love. Use code KELLYRAEROBERTS for 20% off now through December 20! Check out the rest of their gorgeous designs at neeshbydar.com! I especially love the way they pair boyfriend style jeans with their gorgeous tunics and dresses.


Thursday, November 26



So much gratitude for all the Light in the world. For the little things. And for the big things too. Especially for the essentials. And for the generosity of spirits that make my life full of grace, love, and understanding. Sending big love to all, especially those who are in hard parts of the journey. May you know you are thought of, not forgotten, and held by something profoundly good.


Friday, November 27



Him: “Mama, you know what we have in common?” Me: “Tell me!” Him: “We are both very VEERRRY lovable.” 

Saturday, November 28

Am I the last one to discover the Tayasui Sketches??? Major creative fun. 
I had such fun playing around with it.


Took my Tayasui sketch and opened it up in Rhonna Designs app and had some more fun with it. 


Sunday, November 29


We fall in love with her more each day. She’s 15 weeks now and loves everyone and every dog in her path. And the snorts. Wow. We’ve been saying with glee, “Lordy Lordy, Lulu is snorty.” She brings so much laughter and joy. So much. 



In the last few days we’ve feasted with family, decorated the inside and outside for the holidays, watched Charlie Brown Christmas (a few times), cuddled in the cold to watch the downtown holiday parade, wrote a letter to Santa, rode a carousel, played board games, crafted holiday crafts, and so much more. I love living life with a five year old. I can sense that this holiday season, more than any other, his sense of wonder and magic and anticipation is off the charts. It makes the season impossibly fun. And for a mama who had rough holidays as a child (I lost a parent over Christmas break when I was eight, making several seasons tough.), I cannot tell you how healing and downright joyful it is to experience it all through his perspective. So cool. And beautiful.


Monday, November 30



Good morning Monday. It’s a big day around here. We’re having our biggest sale of the season, a couple of meetings, a lunch date, back to school for True, and general catching up from a nice long holiday weekend. And, it’s cold and sunny outside. Yes, let’s do this. 



That time you rushed out of a meeting to make it to your lunch date in time only to realize (after 20 minutes of wondering where she was) that your lunch date was scheduled for Dec 30th, not Nov 30th. I would like to say these kinds of snafus rarely happen. But let’s be honest. Once upon a time I was a classic Type A. These days I would call myself a classic Type Z.
The silver lining? Enjoying a delish bowl and green juice all by myself (heaven).



That’s a rap. Thanks for all the Cyber Monday sale love today. Sale continues into the eve. Big xo!


Tuesday, December 1


Woke up today feeling clearer. Struggled a bit yesterday. Not totally sure what it was exactly but it had to do with all the sale blasts and hoopla that was everywhere the last few days. As a consumer, it’s nice and it sure is helpful for the Christmas shopping budget but the rush of it all makes me anxious. As a small biz owner, we also joined in but I struggled with whether or not it was a super authentic offering or if I was joining the masses, promoting the very chaos and energy that I don’t love. I was over stimulated by all of it and felt a sense of uneasiness. Friends, straddling the line of small biz owner while trying to stay authentic to oneself is sometimes tricky. I am always learning. Meanwhile this was the scene this morning and it popped me back to center in a second. THIS is what matters most during the season and all seasons. This. This. This. 





Slow down and enjoy the treasures of the season…. This is my commitment. Confession: I’ve been in the holiday spirit for a couple weeks now, and the decorations are UP and the season has officially BEGUN!! Super excited. PS: For those of you interested, my holiday prints are all available from my shop. Xxo 


Wednesday, December 2


It’s a super cold and wet one today. I’m bundled up and ready for a day of filming new videos for the Spirit Wings painting course (LOVE teaching this class!). Let’s do this!


Aaaaand we’re back with my Gift Picks! Our scarves are SUPER popular and one of my faves. Super soft and cool. Find this and other beautiful scarves at the online retailer Garden Gallery



Current scene over here. That’s Kevin of Diggable Monkey looking all dapper while he sets everything up. I truly enjoy filming and plan to much much more of it in the future! 




To every corner of the world,

Joy & Peace


Today was good. Got my hands in some paint, spilled a jar of gesso on myself, and collaborated with a painterly angel who whispered some very good wisdom my way. 



Lately we’ve been calling her Ms. Lulu Wiggle Butts because she works a fierce bottom wiggle when she greets you. Cutest thing ever. And the rolls. The ROLLS.


Thursday, December 3



Tis the season for gray and rain. I have a love hate relationship with Portland climate for sure. So far this season I’m still on the love spectrum. We’ll see how I long I last this year. Some years are a breeze and some are downright HARD. But I also love it. See what I mean? ☔️☔️☁️☁️


Tis the season to……

Slow down

Breathe in the season

Wish upon a star

May you take it all in my friends. 



At the studio table again today. It’s therapy and fun at the same time.


That’s it for this week! Check back here next week for another update, or join us over on Instagram for daily photos and thoughts!


Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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