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Apr 2, 2014 | My Creative Practice

(New art! Signed, matted print available here.)
I so loved painting this piece. There are those moments, sometimes, in the creative process, when you lose time and it’s the best thing ever. This piece was created in that flow. Reminded me that I need more flow in my life! It’s where the deepest, most saturated joy lives. And we all need more of it. 
I did something I’ve never done before. I signed up for coaching. You know how people yo-yo diet? I don’t yo-yo diet, but I yo-yo manage my life. I’ve have long stretches where I do quite well managing all the different areas (mama, wife, business owner, creative, food, exercise, etc). And then invariably I fall off the wagon, and get terribly overwhelmed and caught up in the hamster wheel of life. It’s not fun. It’s not in the flow. It’s not joyful.  I then diligently and very thoughtfully create a more realistic and doable schedule that nourishes all aspects of life and soul. And I start again. And then I stop. And then the yo-yo management of living begins to take its toll. I’m a little worn out over here, giving myself lots of permission to simply feel it. Moving to this new home has felt equal parts stressful but equal parts full of possibility to redesign a new life that is a bit more balanced. I love beginnings.

Happy Monday friends! I am in my studio today and loving these KRR magnet messages this morning! #notetoself
(loving these magnets – available in packs here)

I know this is life. That we try and we keep trying and life happens and we find our way. But something tells me I’m missing an important piece around managing it all and I’m hoping coaching will help (a friend with similar circumstances as mine referred me to her coach whom she loves) figure it out. I want to get back to a place where my spirit shines bright, even during times of overwhelm and cray cray. 

In other news, I’m loving decorating. Loving our new hood – went for an hour long walk this morning exploring. Loving the newness of it all, the feeling of possibility in the air, the collision of this new beginning with the emergence of Spring. 
More soon!

Sending much love,

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