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May 7, 2014 | Life in Progress

Second thing to go up on our walls. Making progress in our bedroom today! #lovealwayswins #hellosoulhellospace
(beginning to decorate our bedroom)

Can you believe we’ve been in the new place two whole months? I cannot. I simply cannot. I thought I’d give you an update on where we’re at.Our first priority when we moved in was getting True’s room settled and arranged so that he could acclimate and adjust as smoothly and as quickly as possible. We were definitely able to get his room fully unpacked and functional right away, but I wouldn’t say it’s decorated by any means. He loves his new room. It has a lot more space, and the best part is is that it’s on the same level as our bedroom. In our old home, his room was on the main floor while our room was in a renovated attic master suite.  I was never was fully comfortable with our being a full floor above his room. In our new house, our bedrooms are all on the same level, with our room directly next to his. We LOVE this new dynamic. It means we can hear him more easily and aren’t reliant on a monitor in the evenings. It means he can hop out of his bed in the mornings and easily find us, and jump into our bed. It means we’re all waking up at about the same time every day (645am – 715am) and generally in closer quarters in our morning routines. It means I’m no longer waking up at 3am each night worried that he has somehow wandered out of his room. So yes, this new arrangement has been good on so many fronts. Love, love, love.

We’ve been thinking of some pretty fun ideas for his room, but we’re not in a big hurry as he’s enjoying his space so much at the moment.

Friends, I think I finally found my color story and inspiration for our new bedroom! #inlove #decorlove Excited. Flower print is our new bedspread from @schoolhouse which is my new fave store;)

We have made some big progress with our room! Above is a photo of the fabrics that we landed on for the room – a mixture of yellows, grays, reds, and a touch of green. The floral is a duvet cover from Schoolhouse Electric (love that place!). Once I had the floral bed cover chosen, my mom and I headed off to the best fabric store in the universe and chose coordinating fabrics/patterns that will be fashioned into curtains, bed skirts, and more.  I seem to be obsessed with gray lately, so there is a ton of gray in our room. Soothing.
It’s totally coming together! I can’t wait to show you the full room when it’s done, but for now, a peek. By the way, there is carpet in all the bedrooms in this house. I know it seems odd, but I’ve never lived with carpet before! For now, we’re keeping it. It’s nice and clean and warm on our feet in the morning. I have a suspicion that as the years go by, we’ll pull it up and insert wood, but for now, we’re digging it.
Yesterday I went to a few stores and took pics of a few ideas/inspiration to help get the creative juices flowing. The new house is giving us an opportunity to try on new ways of decorating and tons of DIY ideas. We're sitting with ideas, taking time to p

One thing I did not anticipate with this move was how barely any of our old furniture would fit in this new space. Most of our furniture was fashioned for a sweet little bungalow, which meant that everything was smallish in scale and perfect for typical bungalow nooks. But this new house – though not much bigger in square footage than our bungalow – is a totally different feel with just about all of the square footage above ground (vs having a ton of square footage in the basement, like our last house), higher ceilings, and more of an open floor plan.
Our old furniture, like our old living room loveseat couches, look TINY in the new house – scale is totally wrong. So. I’m having to really rethink how I would normally put together a space and think outside of the box. It’s a design challenge for me and my hunch is is that it’s going to take some time. I’m a little over my head and exhausting myself with Pinterest research, magazines, and more. Not even kidding.
So, to help get ideas flowing, we’ve been heading out to stores when we have some extra time and taking photos of things that catch our eye. The photo collage above shows some things we’ve seen along the way. We’ve been a bit surprised at what we’ve been drawn to! But also just noticing, paying attention to what delights us, and moving slowly.

Playing! Making progress, friends. And loving it.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you know that the dining room is coming along as well. One thing we did was trade buffets with my mom. She got the one that was in our old dining room and we got hers. Coincidentally, the buffets were exact matches, but hers was shorter than ours, and it’s turquoise. John LOVES the turquoise, but I’m not so sure. For now, we’re loving it in the space and it’s a great complement to our vintage floral painting collection. Thank goodness for moms who are willing to trade furniture. We’ve traded couches in the last couple of years too!
Ok! That’s the house update, friends. More soon as we move along….WHAT an adventure!

Sending much love,

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