New painting, new thoughts. Roots + Wings.

Jan 15, 2014 | My Creative Practice

New print! Signed/ matted prints available here.

I was talking with Lacy a few weeks ago and she mentioned “roots and wings” as it relates to the yoga/healing philosophy. Not sure where I’ve been (my friends tell me I must live in a cave), but I hadn’t heard the expression before. My heart was smitten. Roots and wings. Love that. 
This year, I’m doing some things a little differently. Trust is at the center of it all, and my hope is that what they say about mid-life is true. That it’s all about the integration of our early lives with our adult lives. That I can merge back into the fold some of the grit of my earlier years with the grace of these older years, and trust that they’re best when living together. Roots and wings. 

Just announced my first ever painting ecourse on Facebook while waiting at the airport (heading to ATL for gift show.) My  nerves are shot. Nothing like putting your heart out there. Scary. Exhilarating. Real. Brave.
(that’s me in the airport with my laptop, launching the ecourse)
Also trusting that all the building I’ve been doing in my creative business these last few years has created a solid foundation from which I can leap and try new things. The other day I was at the airport hitting the “publish” button on my Facebook pages, announcing my first painting ecourse. Minutes earlier, I hit “send” on a newsletter to thousands of people, announcing the same. All I could think about during those vulnerable moments was roots and wings. Trust those wings. Here we go. I also thought about all the building I’ve been doing all of these years. The roots are there. And they will hold, support, and nourish. 


Hours later, after landing in Atlanta, I was in a beautiful showroom where my new product lines were being introduced. It’s always a really nervous time of year. What will the reaction be? Will retailers want to purchase it for their stores? This year, we added an entirely new line to the mix (garden – photos coming in an upcoming post), and I could especially feel the relevance of root and wings.

Roots and wings. I’m a total fan. For us adults, for our kids, for our businesses, and on an on. Yes, yes, yes. Love, love, love.

Sending much love,

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