on making a home, and the friction of time and settling in

Aug 24, 2010 | Being A Mama, Life in Progress

the hilarious tracey clark put eyeballs on the belly a couple of weeks ago and took photos of it. i have no idea, but this is like the funniest thing i’ve done in a long time and every time i look at this photo it gifts me with laughter.

at any given moment my head is spinning with this: oh my, only 5 more weeks until baby arrives. i have A LOT to do: finish unpacking (office, studio, basement family room, inventory/packaging area), get the shop up and running again, find an assistant asap (finally!), lots of biz stuff/deadlines, lots of house stuff, lots of baby/birth prep stuff, lots of filing/organizing stuff and on and on and on.

somedays, i feel really relaxed about it all. other days i feel scrambled and want to rush to get things done. everyone says to relax, get off your feet. and yet everyone also says GET IT DONE NOW before baby arrives, otherwise these tasks will feel like moving mountains. i’m caught in between these two places, constantly adjusting my pace hour by hour.
(me and andrea – photo by tracey clark. could this be any more funny?)
but what i can tell you right in this moment is that i love the sunshine that filters through our windows. i love that the photos above STILL makes me chuckle even though they were taken four weeks ago. i love the sounds of lawn mowers and kids riding their bikes and how the ice cream man comes down our street, like a memory, every single afternoon. i love our home. i love that for the first time ever i have space savers and little organizer bins in just about every drawer/closet in our house. i love that i am totally going to copy this office closet exactly. i love that my head is spinning with inspiration even though i can’t execute/act on anything except to make a million lists. i love that after nearly 5 months, i can finally dvr oprah winfrey who i have missed so much. i love that i can stroll just a couple of blocks up to the whole foods for little miniature chocolate mouse pies every single day. i love that i can wake up up in the mornings and have hot tea on a front porch. seriously people, home life totally rocks.
i have so much to show you…next up: house tour!
because you were meant to dream big:

Sending much love,

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