One week in: I quit sugar + caffeine. OMG!

Jul 27, 2015 | Life in Progress

(my new morning tea: hot water, squeezed lemon, ginger, and wee bit of local honey)
It’s been a week since quitting caffeine and sugar. I have to tell you the whole story as this was not something I planned for, nor expected, but one week in and I can tell it’s a very very GOOD thing. 
It went down like this:
A friend of mine took me to see a friend of hers who did a super involved, gorgeous crystal reading for me. It was my first crystal reading, and I loved it (my spiritual journey continues!). As part of the reading, I was asked to choose a card and whatever card I chose would be the “ally” that would help usher me to a the place that the rest of the reading was suggesting I pay attention to: a consistent place of inner quiet and depth where things can begin to form, create, and generate – a place where seeds of creation are born before they’re ever manifested.
I pulled this card: 
And you want to know the crazy thing? Earlier that day, before my reading, I posted this image to my Facebook and Instagram page:
(available here)
I love how the universe works, how it shows up to affirm for us that whatever medicine/enlightenment/healing we’re receiving is indeed right on target. 
Anyway, the “Release” card is all about needing to release whatever is getting in the way so that you can allow more of Spirit into your mind and body.
Although this message deeply resonated with me, I wasn’t super clear on what needed to be released. I just knew I needed to let it marinate and sit with me for a bit. 
After the reading, I got in my car and headed home. The second I got in my car I began to feel VERY sick. The entire short drive home I thought I wouldn’t make it. Intense nausea. Incredible urge to vomit. It came out of nowhere. 

I made it home, ran into the house, bee-lined it to the bathroom and my “release” officially began. (sorry, TMI?)

I called in sick the next day, and while I was lying in bed I thought about all the things “release” was asking of me. Obviously my body had an almost immediate response to pulling that card. In terms of my body, what else was asking to be released? I immediately thought, “It’s time to quit sugar and caffeine.”

And that’s how it happened. I have not had either caffeine or sugar since.

The theme of release has been with me even since that day, a wonderful guide.  I can’t tell you how that crystal session has motivated me, shifted me to make this move with virtually no cravings at all.
I will say, however, that although I’ve had very little cravings, I’ve had intense headaches with one full blown migraine and lots of mood swings during that first week. At one point I wrote “fierce” on my wrist as a reminder to help push through the detox symptoms. Not easy, but doable. 
Today is day 8 off sugar/caffeine and I’m feeling much, much better. The headaches are gone. I’m not having cravings. I am sleeping better, my skin is brighter, and I just feel healthier. I suspect my energy will improve the longer I go. 
I’m still not sure what all of this is about or leading to, but I do trust that it’s likely just the beginning of releasing what’s in the way for what is waiting to become. I’m excited to see what is birthed as the releasing continues!
I have received lots of questions about whether or not I’m giving up ALL sugars (honey, etc) so I thought I’d give you the scoop:
– I’ve replaced my usual caffeinated morning/afternoon black tea (with lots of sugar and milk) with my new tea: hot water, squeezed lemon, a thumb of ginger, and wee bit of local honey. This morning I had it without honey and it was just as tasty, so I’ll likely drop the honey.
– For now I’m allowing myself fruits. I’m not a huge fruit person, so this hasn’t been a big deal for me. I have noticed that I’m more inclined to choose apples and almond butter as a snack, however, vs a KIND bar that has sugar in it. I’ve also noticed that I’m going for the strawberries with plain greek yogurt (and a tad of honey) instead of a muffin. I’m taking this all as progress.
– I am NOT using any sweeteners like stevia, sweet n low, agave, etc.
– For the most part, I am not eating any foods in my pantry (bread, pasta, sauces, etc) that list sugar as an ingredient. This hasn’t been too hard. However, I did order a burrito from my local Mexican restaurant the other day and I wondered about the sugar as I’m certain there must have been some. I’ll get more strict about this later. 
– I am still using dates to sweeten my afternoon smoothie (apples, kale, spinach, lemon, ginger, dates)
– I am still using frozen fruit for my morning smoothie (spinach, plain greek yogurt, frozen berries, water).
– I’ve noticed that I’m drinking a ton more water vs my giant tea drinks that I would nurse all morning and all afternoon. 
I’m going to hang out here for a couple of more weeks, and continue to acclimate. Once I’m good, I’m going to try and take it a step further and cut out more sugar.
You guys have been sending me your success stories and resources. I can’t tell you how thankful I am! Someone sent me to the I Quit Sugar website which looks interesting. John and I have been diving into the Whole30 book as well. I’ve also been following my old pal Lacy’s Sugar Detox suggestions. 


Sending much love,

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