Found us a little love note today on my walk. I love that I found this as we’re on the countdown to Everyday Soul Care: Self-Kindness (10 days until we start!).

I’m certain that my writing the content has my senses on high alert, my heart open to deepening perspective, because opportunities have been arriving left and right these last few weeks to practice what I know to be true about self-kindness. It’s been, at times, incredibly uncomfortable in those ways when something that needs healing is revealed – an opportunity for compassion and grace. And it’s also been good and meaningful.

This is SUCH important work for my heart, your heart. Indeed, we are loved beyond measure and are a part of profound Benevolence. I’m so ready to continue the practice of feeling benevolent in all the ways I treat myself.

My hope is that we all become Guardians of our light and magnificence.

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