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Apr 21, 2007 | Life in Progress

the oregon coast. we’ll be there later this week. oh, i can hardly wait to be home in oregon. i expect to be bundled up in my hat and down coat, as i am in this photo taken last year.

it’s friday evening. brandi carlile’s new album is playing, her lyrics poetic, reminiscent of the indigo girls, and her voice pushes onto my senses, like something so overwhelmingly good it gives you starbursts of chills. the woman definitely gets it. the window is cracked behind me, breathing in unusually cool air. and my sweetness of a husband is napping next to me on the cozy red couch.

i am no longer feeling like an impostor (thank you, universe). instead, i feel full. of light. of gratitude. trying to keep the negativity at bay while keeping myself and dreams in the forefront. it’s working, with effort. i’ve had several conversations with with friends this week who seem to be in similar places. the push and pull of life, of feelings, it’s all a delicate balance of moments, all making up the stuff of our lives. it seems we’re always trying to make sense of it all, especially because we change so much in a given amount of time that our perspective on past events changes, too. i am forever thankful to have these friendships. they are miracles in my life. i mean it.

yesterday and today, i spent some time painting. finally. and it feels really, really good. in her class, anahata really pushed us to work quickly and to be more impulsive, something i’ve been trying to fully embrace. it’s coming along, this newfound sense of peaked intuitiveness. we’ll see what happens. i’ll post some art soon! it feels like it’s been ages, but really i’ve just been experimenting and playing around in the studio, instead of producing finished pieces. it’s been a long while since i’ve done this, and i need to do it more often.

i’ve also been reveling in some good tv lately. can i just say that lost and grey’s totally have me. i am hooked. hooked.

i got a chuckle out of these recent google searches that led people to my blog (pure sillyness):

“asheville prostitutes”
“love songs for an elderly couple”
“kathryn mcphee boobs”
“M&Ms with your very own words decorate a christmas card”
“kelly rae roberts shoe paintings”
“who were the sassiest girls in america”

Sending much love,

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  2. Literary Bohemian

    The Oregon coastline is really one of the most beautiful in the whole world. I feel so lucky to live in OR. I think it’s great that you get a chance to come up and spend time in this enchanting state.

  3. Søren

    Were you one of the sassiest girls in america? I actually knew one of them, I think the first one. And I met the first sassiest boy in America too!

  4. Nic Hohn

    It is by questioning ourselves and digging into who we are that creates more balance and peace. Thank you for being so open… I find that quality about you very inspiring.Thank you for sharing on such a deep level. Enjoy your playful painting discoveries in your studio!Looking forward to seeing comes next for you!!


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