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Mar 30, 2020 | Life in Progress


Hi friends,

What a full life and time over here. Like so many of you,  John and I are falling into a totally new rhythm that supports work and homeschooling. It’s full, yet we are being super gentle on ourselves along the way.


I am so grateful that we are healthy, that our parents and extended family are healthy. I am constantly thinking about all who are deeply affected by the pandemic – friends in the service/retai/food/creative industries, those who are sick. It’s such a time of uncertainty for so many.


I’m holding onto boatloads of hope and trust and using all of my tools in my toolbox to stay spiritually grounded and centered.


I thought I’d share a few things I’m working on and few other noticings, too……


(Large/small prints avaialble here)


I am still offering several FREE downloads and an Art Date as well as a couple of painting courses under a PAY WHAT YOU CAN model.


All the details of those are below.


Kelly Rae Opens A Retail Store!


My new retail business, Soulshine & Co, is coming along! We’ve got a website, and Instagram feed, and keys to the space! For those of you super interested in how I am transforming the space (new ceiling! lights! paint! and more!), head on over to my stories on the Instagram feed and check out the highlights/stories.


It’s pretty amazing, so far! If you missed the announcement of this big news, you can read all about it over here.



Creative Energy


I’ve been experimenting more with watercolors – so fun to try new materials, no?


Right now A LOT of my creative energy is going into the new retail biz > transforming the space, and a ton of branding work, too. I’m having a great time working with my favorite branding designer (Emma from Soul Stirring) as we make logos and stickers and signage and all the things needed to bring SoulShine & Co to life both as a brick and mortar store as well as an online store.



Fabrics Coming!


I’ve also been working behind the scenes over here, slowly but surely, on my first fabric line. Here’s a little sneak peek of one of my favorites from the collection.


HOW CUTE IS THIS? The collection will be out late summer/early Autumn. I can hardly wait to show you!



Meanwhile, my Spring bulbs are starting to peek out, a beautiful reminder that life and nature go on, providing beauty at every turn.


(large and small prints available here)



Good Stuff For You!


I have decided to continue to offer up a few FREE goodies (including a full month of Art Dates with Kelly Rae) as well as my painting courses (I brought them out of retirement!) under a Pay What You Can model.


(Click here for the free download of the flyer/print.)


I wanted to post my Take What You Need print as a FREE download as it seems like a good time to use it.

Step 1: Download the flyer/print here

Step 2: Place somewhere in your home (refrigerator! bathroom mirror!)

Step 3: Feel free to send it to others so they can download and put it in their homes, too.



(Right click image for a FREE download of the image)


My continued prayer and hope is that we show up – for ourselves and for each other – in ways that are deeply grounded, aligned with our values, and full of kindness and trust.


We belong to one another, and we are in this together.



FREE virtual Art Date:



There’s no doubt that creativity soothes our souls and  I can think of no better way to calm our nerves and heal than to paint our way through the mess.


Please enjoy the first ever Art Date with Kelly Rae. It was recorded a few months back and I’m offering it up free to anyone who would like a little creative company this week.



Feel free to share the above link with your family and community. All are welcome! 



PAY WHAT YOU CAN: Painting Courses


Let’s paint and collage and stamp and smudge and stencil our hearts out during this time of quarantine.


I’ve decided to bring my painting courses out of retirement as I deeply believe our creativity will be a huge tool in getting us through. Both of these classes are great for kids and adults alike. Enjoy them!



If you’re wanting the comfort of creativity and if you’re experiencing financial hardship for whatever reason, please choose your discount – 25%, 50% or 75% for either (or both) Sprit Wings and Mixed Media Mantras painting courses.


 PAY WHAT YOU CAN codes for both courses:

NO CODE = FULL PRICE, 10% of purchase goes to local food bank.








 PAY WHAT YOU CAN codes for both courses:

NO CODE = FULL PRICE, 10% of purchase goes to local food bank.





Make it a family/friend affair:

I am 100% ok if you share your access with as many friends and family as you’d like. We need each other right now and creating together (even if virtually) can be a huge connector.

Lifetime Access For Both Courses:

You can return to the content again and again, even after life goes back to normal post quarantine.




Big big love,

Kelly Rae

Sending much love,

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