pregnancy is kicking my ass but my parents are making it all better.

Aug 13, 2010 | Being A Mama, Life in Progress

holy holy moly. that’s all i can muster up at the moment in between endless unpacking, rearranging, and running errands. i’m in my 8th month of pregnancy and i am most definitely feeling 8 months pregnant. i was wondering when the serious fatigue and aches would set in. and they have most certainly set in. my heels have never burned so much and i swear i’m not even on my feet that much at all. my mom is making me sit on my tush while she does the bulk of everything, but still…my feet are on fire. besides burning feet, there is an insatiable desire to organize closets, kitchen drawers, and settle in as quickly as possible. they say it’s intuition. and now i believe them.
(my parents)
my dear parents are still here and we’ve extended their trip by a few days. why? because we are desperate for the help and they are the sweetest parents ever to offer to stay longer than expected. we’re getting so much done and my heart can barely stand the generosity. curtains are being fashioned. back door steps and a backyard deck are being built. baby room cushions are being made. laundry is being done. furniture is being painted. home cooked meals are being made (the oven finally arrived!). we mean business over here….but we’re having much fun too. my mom LOVES to decorate and sew and get crafty. and my stepdad is seriously the kindest, most patient, generous man on earth. he’s a happy camper doing all sorts of projects for us – not a complaint in the world. we are so grateful for all the help. i really have no idea what we would have done without them.

in other news, is it silly that i want to show you guys the downstairs bathroom transformation? this is what it looked like when we bought the place (it’s a full bath – tub on the opposite wall):

and here it is today! we LOVE it! the floors are a small black hex tile that our contractor suggested – so glad we listened to him. it really is stunning and has the old house look to it. we added beadboard (4′ high) to the walls for charm. new toilet, new sink (home depot). the paint is a benjamin moore color that i can’t remember right now (i will edit this post later once i find the color), but i know it’s one in their historical color collection. the sconce shades (and the ceiling shade which you can’t see in this photo) are from school house electric – we chose the black artsy graphic shades to go with the black hex tile. we learned to buy/splurge on unique shades but to get affordable lighting fixtures from globe lighting. and the mirror is big and swivels (pottery barn)! on the opposite wall is an old restored deep tub and a little nook for a table/cabinet to hold toiletries.
there you have it! this bathroom is so much happier now. it needed some love…
ps: if you’ve sent me an email, it will be awhile until i get back to you. totally sorry about that. i’m a bit off the grid these days while i focus on getting settled in and while my parents are here. barley online. barley in my inbox. barely on the phone. i should be back in business soon 🙂
pps: i’ve now got links under each blog post so that posts can be linked to facebook or tweeted and more! i’m getting technology upgrades over here – so fun!

Sending much love,

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