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May 7, 2015 | Inspiring Products

Friends, each week we try and highlight some of our gorgeous products that we want to share with you! Some new new new and some old favorites. Check ’em out below!

PS: All of the products featured below (and more) are sold online via the online retailer Garden Gallery Iron Works (a local shop here in the Portland area), but if you’re looking for signed/matted prints, you can get these in my print shop

PPS: International customers, Garden Gallery is HAPPY to ship worldwide. Please email them at to get started.

Friends, LOVING these new customizable charm bracelets! You can choose the exact mantras and messages and icons that empower YOU. Check out the entire collection (charms, baubles, and bands) at the online retailer Garden Gallery right here!


LOVE all the new wood block manifestos from this year’s line! These are perfect for displaying on your desk, on a book shelf, in any corner of your office or home where you need a little inspiration. Messages of hope just for YOU! Find the whole collection at the online retailer Garden Gallery right here!

Friends, I love love love the journals in the KRR collection. This one has a very special manifesto, very close to my heart. It reads:

The It’s Going to Be Okay Manifesto

May you surrender fear, embrace the uncertainty & trust your strength

May you be gentle on your soul (and ask for what you need) as you heal, no mend your heart

May you feel the immeasurable power of you deeply you are loved

May you discover all the ways in which you are not broken but deeply and profoundly whole

May you embrace your vulnerability and practice courage (every single day)

May you emerge softer, wiser, & more beauty-full

May you discover all the way hope rises up to meet our biggest struggles and cracks open our hearts to the light within ourselves waiting to be seen, waiting to be born

Find it here at the online retailer Garden Gallery!

Lots of spirit talk around here lately, and I keep circling back to “trust.” I love this new piece of wood wall art from the latest KRR collection. It reads, “Trust in your beautiful, holy, light-filled divinity.” Yes yes yes – trust, beauty, light. Find it at the online retailer Garden Gallery right here.

PS: Friends, from the looks of folks joining this class, we’re going to be starting a Wear Your Joy revolution. Like any good practice (a yoga practice, a gratitude practice, etc),
the practice of intentionally getting dressed up in joy will open your
heart and awaken new ways of seeing yourself. In so many ways, this
course is about remembering who we are. Because when we turn our
attention toward anything with intention, we raise its vibration, its
meaningfulness, its consciousness. Come join me in the pursuit of making what’s in our
hearts visible, and wearable. All the details are here. The fun starts Monday, May 11th. 

Sending much love,

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  1. Barb U


    I look at your site often. Admire your products. Wish you shipped internationally. Garden Gallery is presently not shipping internationally either.


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