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Sep 17, 2007 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

(these are four new prints that have been added to my etsy boutique. click here if you’re interested…)

i’m home! i slept most of yesterday, and today i did what i almost always do when i come home from a trip: i cleaned and i organized (does anyone else do this?). i also got lots of loving and snuggling in, too. man, i missed my family.

i woke up this morning at 3am fully sobbing my heart out from a horrible dream. i was so incredibly shaken/scared/disoriented that it took me several minutes to realize that it was just a dream and all is well. i haven’t had a bad dream like this one in years. i had a similar, but not so emotional one, on the plane coming home. i wonder what it all means.

besides the dreams, i am feeling a huge lift of heaviness from my heart. there was so much preparation going into last week that now i feel anew and rejuvenated. thank you to everyone at north light books. you all rock. one more thing about my week in ohio…jessica took me to Archiver’s on friday. holy crap. it is by far the best paper/craft store i’ve ever been to. i’m pretty sure i walked out of that store with half of their paper stock. and even better, they have an online store. am i the last one on earth to have heard of them?

now begins the two week stretch before portland’s art&soul retreat. super excited about seeing art friends and portland friends, too. i’ll be selling all sorts of goodies at their vendor nite, including several originals.

in other fantastic and surprising news, i had a letter of acceptance waiting for me when i returned home yesterday. the amazing KPFA 94.1 fm, the country’s first nonprofit listener-sponsored radio station (based in berkeley) has accepted me into their 37th annual Craft & Music Fair coming up in december. i’ve heard a lot about this event and decided to submit an application in a “what-the-hell-i’m-just-going-to-go-for-it” fashion. and now i’m sitting here feeling quite lucky to have been accepted! i love that good things actually happen with many, many wishes and hard work.

Sending much love,

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  1. Un Jour...

    Love your blog so very much:) Its oh so inspiring and sweet!!!

  2. mccabe

    i am SO inspired by you, kelly rae…
    you just drip of magic~~*~*

    (and it is no surprise that others are noticing that too)

    i finally framed my print (by you) in a pretty vintage looking sage colored frame, with my favorite heart rose-quartz necklace hanging over it for good luck.


    congrats on everything!!!

    with love

  3. Adrienne Berry

    I just got done reading pretty much you’re entire blog (yeah I’m kinda dorky like that) after I saw your article in Cloth, Paper Scissors. I just had to comment because I find myself kind of going down the same path as you in my early 30’s just finding my art. Although I have to say I haven’t jumped into like you have. I’ve been dabbling here and there for about 3 years now, never taking the plunge. For so many reasons, family, full time job, fear. I relate so much to the things you’re written. From your first Art Retreat experience to jelly bracelets in the 80’s. I just attended my first A&S this past May here in VA. I related to so many of the feelings you had at your first Artfest. I thought wow someone knows how I felt, what I experienced. I think it is so giving of you to share the links on the side to give resources to other artists and I really enjoyed seeing the transformation of your art from the beginning of your blog to now. It gives me hope. Thank you for sharing!

  4. * mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella *

    I am standing in that line of well wishers (I’m the rather short one excitedly waving both hands high up over my head signing out your name)…loving you totally FORWARD in the KPFA show and all that still awaits you. You are on an amazing ride and it’s all well deserved.
    xox Rella


  5. cheeky

    I’ve woken up crying from a dream/nightmare and it is indeed scary and emotionally draining.
    It’s so good to hear about all of your success. You are such a breath of fresh air and it’s so good to hear life is treating you well but even better that you appreciate and savour every moment. I love that! I use to be in Oakland all the time for work; wishing I could have met up with you. I’m certain you are a hoot to be around. 🙂
    Thanks for the linky; and no you are not the last person to hear about it. I love paper and I’m sure I would have spent hours in there drooling.
    Congrats on getting in to the fair. Should be good stuff.

  6. Judy Wise

    I’ve heard of the KPFA show; that it is a big one and a really good one! Feather in your cap, congratulations. I’m also happy to hear you are safely home.xoxo

  7. Carla Sonheim

    Glad you’re home safely and had such a successful trip. Congratulations on all the good things happening to you!

  8. Steph

    I am so thrilled for all of your successes! Thank you for sharing them.

    I’m reading a book about dreamwork right now (Jungian). It talks about those gut-busting dreams as opening doors within ourselves – in times of major psyche transitions.

  9. deirdre

    Welcome home! So sorry to hear about the bad dream – it’s hard to shake the feelings that linger.

    Sounds like the trip was productive. I’m just delighted with the way you’ve put yourself out there with your art. Wow. Congrats on the newest show acceptance. You’re amazing.

  10. Lina

    I hate dreams like that, i get them few and far between nowadays but when i do, it is hard to shake.
    COngrats on the show!!! That is so wonderful for you!
    Sweeter Dreams.

  11. Shelby

    Hi Kelly! You have inspired me! Loved loved loved reading through your blog this weekend. Congrats on all your great accomplishments and good luck with your journey!

    I shouted you out today on my blog and I’m wishing you a happy HAPPY day today 🙂

  12. www.chrissiegrace.typepad.com

    Hey Kelly
    congrats on your art show!
    I am beginning my journey today here in ohio…I might try to check out Archivers as well!
    I love the new prints!


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