Stay True

May 9, 2016 | My Creative Practice

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I’ve been a little restless lately in that way when we we’re on the cusp of a new beginning. Except that I’m not on the cusp of a new beginning. Perhaps for the first time in my entire adult life, I’m not at the beginning, middle, or end of any big transition (moving, career changes, marriage, more moving, motherhood, house renovations, biz renovations). And it feels oddly settling, amazing, cozy, and even a little uncomfortable to not be juggling many things at once. Life is good.

I’m finding that in this lovely place of ordinariness there are still the callings to recalibrate every now and again. And I’m definitely in that place of loving where I’ve landed after so many years of hard work, but also wanting to adjust a few things. Like creating more structure around general life routines, self care, social care, even financial care.

Recently John and I got rid of our TV in the main living room. We also got rid of cable. We found that we were both unplugging a bit too much in the evenings after True went to bed (what can I say I have a strange fascination with KUWTK). We’re hoping to create new habits that help us unwind at the end of the day (hello stretching, reading, sitting on the porch).

We’re also doing things like creating more boundaries around our budget and getting super clean about how we spend our money. This feels amazing. We’ve gotten a little careless in this department and creating a mindful budget around living simply feels true to us.

And so.

I’m learning that big transitions or everyday small micro transitions still require us to get quiet and dig deep into our unease. To excavate where it’s coming from. To listen to it. And to respond with what is true to us.

This new piece, Stay True, is a gentle yet fierce reminder to silence the noise, to get clear on what is really calling us, to stay on the path of what feels most true. Because when we do the work to remain our most authentic selves, even in our most ordinary days, we find ourselves surrounded with others who inspire us to the stay the course. It’s not easy staying true in a world where we’re often led astray, but it’s worth the light that fills our hearts. And our lives.


PS: If you have any amazing books you’ve read lately, let me know in the comments. I haven’t read a fiction book in ages. If you’ve got one that you couldn’t put down, let me know!


Sending much love,

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  1. Joyce

    Storm Clouds Rolling In by Ginny Dye, it’s historical fiction. It’s the first book in a series, can’t recommend it enough. I never thought I’d enjoy historical fiction as much as I’m enjoying this series.

  2. Natalia

    “Diana Herself” by Martha Beck… a magical book (I love her sense of humor too!)…

  3. Jenna

    YES! This resonates so deeply!!! After resolving to do more budgeting and trying different finance apps to support more mindful spending (but never truly making it a habit or finding a system that worked!) some friends introduced me and my partner to an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G user friendly, simple budgeting resource called YNAB. I cannot more highly recommended it. Who would have thought budgeting would help create a deeper sense of abundance and calm around finances?!?! Seriously. Check it out and prepare for a sweet shift:

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Thanks, Jenna. I’ll check it out!

  4. Katie

    The book “Growing Up” by Russell Baker stands out in my mind. Although it was many years ago my husband and I took turns reading this book out loud to each other while driving on a long trip. I still remember how in awe I was of not only his story, but his ability to write and express his feelings. For anyone looking to simplify their life and see what really matters most in life- his story of growing up in the depression and recollections of family and what they went through are unforgettable. I remember I couldn’t read another book for a while, because I felt nothing could compare and had to just absorb that one!

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      ohhhhh, I’m definitely going to check this one out. Thank you!

  5. Dayna

    I absolutely couldn’t put down the book Witness by Nora Roberts. In fact, when finished the last page, I turned to the first and read it again, and a third time of the same and I felt….so incredibly enriched and blessed to have known her characters for a little while. Definitely worth the time…..but then again, to me all books are. 🙂

    Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Thank you! I love Nora Roberts and haven’t read this one.

  6. Lori Taylor

    Kelly Rae – I just started reading “Eliza Waite” by Ashley Sweeney. Ashley was my son’s English teacher 10 years and has become a dear friend, this is her first book – all about a young woman in the late 1800’s who leaves a homestead on Cypress Island in the Pacific Northwest after she’s widowed and takes a steamer to Skagway Alaska to open a bakery during the Gold Rush. I just got my copy yesterday and can’t put it down! Well written!

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Oh! Thank you! Congrats to her, btw, on her first book!

  7. Ashley

    Hi Kelly Rae,

    Love what you did with your mantel! No cable for many years now is amazing, although I still frequent the occasional Netflix documentary! ? Thank you, thank you, I was one of the giveaway winners and I CANT wait to get my package.
    A good fiction book I just read was “The color of Longing” By: JIll Kelly. She is actually living in Portland so that’s super cool! I loved it! Also if you have not read “Carry on Warrior” by Glennon Doyle Melton (speaker at brave girls symposium) YOU HAVE TO READ IT. Her beautiful writing, authenticity, and permission to be imperfect touched my soul like no one else EVER has… Before July please gift this book to your soul! You will thank me!
    Much love,

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      I can’t believe I haven’t read Glennon’s book. Thank you for that suggestion!

  8. kristin love

    ahhhh… be serene and in the moment of the ordinary N.O.W.
    Great Post!
    “All the Light We Cannot See” by Anthony Doerr
    “The Orchardist” by Amanday Coplin
    2 Poetically Stunning Books.
    And….if you haven’t read it, the most Amazing Books ever written about the passage of life, and finding the extroadinary in the ordinary and tying it into Family and the passage of Time:
    “Gift From the Sea” by Anne Morrow Lindbergh

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Gift from the Sea is a fave. Love that you love it too!

  9. Adriana

    Hi Kelly Rae, my small offering is a book by Anne Archer Butcher-
    ” Inner Guidance Our Divine Birthright”. I love this book and have read it many times over. This is her personal experience that she writes about.
    I did a workshop with Anne last year and found her to be a truly inspirational being.

    Thank you so much Kelly Rae for your input in this our world.! Love to you and your darling family! xox

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Thank you! This sounds right up my ally! On it 🙂

  10. Alexandra

    Hi Kelly!
    The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce was amazing !

    • Leontine

      Loved that one, too. Now just started the “sequel”, The Lovesong of Miss Queenie Hennessy!

  11. kim

    “Where’d you go, Bernadette” by Maria Semple.

  12. victoria

    Not on the topic of books…but your statement… “reminder to silence the noise, to get clear on what is really calling us, to stay on the path of what feels most true”.

    My husband and I just returned from 4 days in Las Vegas. I had never been and being from a small town in Oregon (Philomath), I felt overwhelmed!!!! I did bring a coloring book to “unwind” in the evenings. It was good to get home, “silence that noise and to get clear on what is really calling” me. You said it so perfectly!

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      I have been to LV and I know EXACTLY what you’re talking about 🙂

  13. April

    I am currently reading “Georgia,” by Dawn Tripp. It’s a fictional tale of Georgia O’Keeffe’s life. I am savoring it and will hate to finish it, it is an amazing life she led.

  14. Patti

    Book recommendation: take a look at Man Called Ove by Fredrik Backman

  15. Mellissa Meeks

    I would lIke to recommend you read “The One Thing” by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan…will shift your way of thinking about alot of your perceptions especially about multi-tasking…and recommend “JOLT” by Richard Tyler…about being extraordinary and working toward being more woo woo. 😉 on fiction side definitely “White Collar Girl” by Renee so good it should be a movie!

    Happy Reading!
    MellMee Company LLC
    Huntsville AL

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Ohhh, Jolt sounds really interesting. I’m anti multi-talking and I have a feeling The One Thing might be as well? Thank you!

  16. Estella Magnuson

    I just finished reading Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah beautiful story.

  17. Kim Hardin

    Kelly Rae I love that you are revisiting your reading life. Nothing ignites the imagination like a great book. Two of my favorites~ the measuring stick being how long the characters linger after the last page has been read~ are The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski and Beach Music by Pat Conroy. I have gifted these books to others because I want them to share in the pleasure of these rich characters that feel like old friends to me. Happy reading. I’m looking forward to meeting you in Boise.

  18. cricket Desmarais

    Most of the books I get to read these days are with my kids, & ones we’ve loved together are The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznik, The Secret Life of Edward Tulane & also The Magician’s Elephant by Kate DeCamilo, The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis. (Probably starting at age 5 is when my girls could follow along). Some of the books I’ve loved reading lately, though they aren’t exactly recently published, are: Ahab’s Wife by Sena Jeter Naslund, Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed, The Secret Life of Pi by Yann Martel, & The Book Theif by Markus Zuzack, & Naked by David Seders (which might make you pee you’ll laugh so hard). Any poetry by Mary Oliver is amazing, & Billy Collins makes me laugh out loud. Happy reading! Life is way better with out cable :))))))) (& thanks for asking this question, because we get to browse the comments & see all sorts of good suggestions)!

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      ahhhh, thank you for this rich list. i will refer back often. the only one i’ve read from your list is the Cheryl Strayed book which is so well written and smart and compassionate. Thank you!

  19. Lory C.

    I really enjoy Claire Cook’s books, Kelly Rae. She is the author behind a fave movie, Must Love Dogs. She wrote her first book at 45 and it was turned into a movie at age 50. Thus, she wrote, Never Too Late: Your Roadmap to Invention. I’ve enjoyed her three follow up books to her first Must Love Dogs books, The Wildwater Walking Club, Times Flies, Life’s a Beach and more. Let’s put it this way. I haven’t read a book of hers I don’t like!

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Lory, will check her out for sure! Thank yoU!

  20. Linda

    I read two really amazing books , The Kitchen House and Glory Over Everything both by Kathleen Grissom. Also the books by Jean Kwok.

  21. Catalina

    I loved “The Lost Memoirs of Jane Austen”, by Syrie James.

  22. Jane Belisle

    Any and every book by amazing author Ann Patchett will keep you riveted. Her characters have stayed with me long after I’ve read about them. In particular, Bel Canto and State of Wonder were amazing. But Run and The Magician’s Assistant were great as well. On a different vein The Selected Works of T. S. Spivet by Reif Larsen is a fabulous read. True is a bit young for it, but I think you and John would love reading it out loud together. Happy reading!

  23. Maureen Smith

    I think you would love The Nightingale by Kristin Hanna!

    • Susan Gleeson

      I also just finished reading the Nightingale and absolutely loved it. Learned so much about France and how they were affected by WWII but so personal and thought provoking pertaining to real love and sacrifice!

      • Sara White

        Yes, The Nightingale (by Kristin Hannah) is a fabulous read…I just finished it! My next book is one my husband is reading called The Brothers K (by David James Duncan) — Book It Theater in Seattle has also turned it into a play.

        • Lori

          I absolutely loved The Nightingale too. Highly recommend.

  24. Carla Hogan

    I am just in the beginning stashes of reading, The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle which was recommended by our son. It’s A NY Times Bestseller and looks promising about spirituality.

  25. Tara

    Hi Kelly!

    For you haven’t read it already, I’m sure you would love The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd. It’s beautiful.

    Thanks for being you!

  26. Jen

    Liane Moriarty! Either the Husbands Secret or Big Little Lies. Page Turners. I think Reese Witherspoon is turning one of them into a showtime series. They both have mystery and fantastic characters and you will be sad when they are finished.

  27. Morag

    My friend just wrote a book available on kindle – ‘Rana’s bond’ by Kate Calamatta. It was gripping and thought provoking. I’ve had a bit of restless day too but managed to get some of the things done that had been languishing on my to-do list.

  28. Christine

    I read a lot and often re read books just to touch base with an author again.
    I recently re read “The History of Love” by Nichole Krauss and liked it as much the second time.

    And a few months back I read Harriet Wolf’s Seventh book of Wonders” by Julianna Baggott. This one I know I will re read for I came away form it thinking it is one of the best books I’ve ever encountered. Happy reading

  29. Janine

    Love what you do with your blog, your art, and your site. Cory Huff featured you as an awesome example.
    Anyway, I’ve been reading The Agony and the Ecstasy” forever and a day, not because I can’t put it down but because I’m usually ready to fall asleep after a few pages since its typically past my bedtime. It isn’t fiction because it is about the life of Michelangelo but its awesome to read about his life and creative process. Irving Stone, the author used piles of Michelangelo’s letters as one of the sources for writing the book. I guess writing letters was the blog of the Renaissance. LOL! The creative process and the drive to be professional and make a living from it is certainly timeless.
    Other books I’ve loved and is a page turner “Memoirs of a Geisha”, by: Arthur Golden
    “Fall on Your Knees” by Ann-Marie Macdonald are both great page turners.

    • victoria

      Janine, I, too, have started The Agony and the Ecstasy!!! The size is quite intimidating…but I’m enjoying it immensely.

  30. Julie Kirk

    I always find reading helps me reconnect with myself (even though it takes me somewhere else!) A great book I read last year (in the UK) has just been released in the US it’s even a Target bookclub pick – it’s called The A to Z of You and Me by James Hannah. It’s set in a hospice and is deeper and more moving than any of the blurb you’ll read but I don’t want to say any more … no spoilers! I’ve had some lovely Twitter chats with the author too … one of the joys of social media.


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