The Magic of Disney

Apr 4, 2013 | Being A Mama, Life in Progress

This is totally happening!!!!

We are off on a BIG adventure. And he insist on looking adorable;)

We all slept in the bed together last nite in the hotel bed. True woke us up with the gentlest kisses. Melted my heart.

Super full day at Disney. He did great. First boat ride. First train ride. First Disney ride. Was happy and delighted to be there. All day it was "that was so fun!"

Just went on his first "ride". Winnie the Pooh. Loved it! I am seeing Disney through the eyes of a two year old. Which is awesome. I heard Mickey say over the loud speakers "we have to find the magic that lives in our hearts" and the happy tears misted up

Goodbye Disney. You were indeed magical.
Warm + sun = nice to be here.
So this happened today. Gotta love small town Florida old school amusement parks.

Did I tell you we took a family trip to Florida a couple of weeks ago? It was a big adventure. Grandparents! Disney! Beach! Pools! Small town fairs!

I haven’t been to Disney since high school and I was surprised how much I loved going back and seeing it through the thrilled spirit of a two year old. True loved it. There really is a sense of magic. There was a moment when we first walked in and we’re all walking toward the castle and Micky comes over the loud speakers and says “we have to find the magic that lives in our hearts.” I got a teeny bit teary eyed by all of it – just overwhelmed by the sweetness of the energy. Definitely looking forward to going back.

We love traveling with True. I’d love, love, love to do more of it with him. Lately, I’ve been full on daydreaming about a sabbatical – just a good chunk of time that would allow some family travel adventures – perhaps abroad, perhaps not. I’m going to work on inviting/manifesting that in!

Sending much love,

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  1. Brittney T.

    oh wow that made me teary eyed too hearing what Mickey said! I would love to take my nephew there! That picture of True hugging Goofy is adorable! And you totally desevere to take some rest time, girl! With all the beauty you bring to the world, you should go out and see some more of it!

  2. Beverly Ash Gilbert

    Isn't Disney magical?! My family went a month ago – my sons now 12 and 15. Even though the rides of choice have changed in the 10 years since we last went, it is truly fun for all ages.

    Your family is beautiful, especially love the huge hug Goofy is receiving!

  3. janel

    Seeing your post filled me with nostalgia…I remember our first trip with our children like it was yesterday…one is 30 and one is 26. You won't believe how the time is going to fly……SOAK it in…just like you are doing…take time….it won't stop for you. ENJOY!! And thank you for the memories!!

  4. Joanne

    OMG you definitely have a heart breaker in True! he's not only cute, he's already handsome! Really enjoyed the pictures – thanks for sharing!

  5. Jamie Tidwell

    This place is very special. I worked there for 6 months and saw the Wishes Firework's show over the castle repeatedly- it made me cry every time. "Follow your dreams!!!"

  6. TwynMawrMom

    Agree-as a Floridian you take it for granted-until you become a parent!! Now obsessed.
    Life happens so fast- if you can travel with True how wonderful! I'd love to follow more of your adventures!

  7. Tiges and Weince

    Looked like a perfect time together.
    Kylie πŸ™‚

  8. Life Verse Design

    AHHH! He is so cute! So glad you had great family time. So, my mom surprised me with your "Create" tote & necklace & I just wanted to say how much i LOVE them!
    Julie Chen


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