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Jul 20, 2016 | My Creative Practice

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Have you ever felt like your soul was whispering to you? Or maybe it’s so excited, it’s more like a squeal-scream, like when you have that feeling that you are just going to bust at the seams with happiness, anticipation, and inspiration? It feels like you are on the edge of something great, like you are about to make a grand discovery that will change your life forever.  Our Soul Whispers come in all sorts of volumes. Sometimes they’re whispers, but they can also be straight-up giddy like a lit up happy dance.

I’ve had soul whisper moments all throughout my life. I felt it with the urge to travel West after graduate school when I was 24. I felt it again when we sold our house a few years later and went on a year of adventure in our car, with our dog and very little money. I felt it with the urge to sit at a canvas and paint for the first time at 30 years old, even though I had next to no painting experience. I felt it in the first few weeks after meeting my husband John, and again when our son, True, was born. Throughout my spiritual and creative journeys, versions of that soul whisper feeling have come up again and again.

Sometimes, we know exactly what the soul whisper is trying to tell us. But sometimes, the whisper sounds like gobbledygook. You can’t quite make out the words. You’re not sure what your soul is trying to say.

In many of my earlier years, when I felt one of those soul whispers that I couldn’t clearly interpret, I’d just think, “Oh, that feels nice.” or “Yeah, never in a million years will that happen.” and continue on with whatever I was doing. I either enjoyed the sweet sensation or brushed it off, but I didn’t pause to look more closely at it. I didn’t ask myself questions, confide in a trusted friend or spend much time exploring where I was and what I was doing and thinking when that feeling came over me.

I think in my rush to get to wherever I was going (literally and metaphorically) I distracted myself from being deeply present with my soul whispers, and hearing what they were guiding me towards (or away from).

Now, whenever the Inner Voice whispers (or yells, or squeals), I listen because now I know it’s not just some random Soul Whisper. It’s our Intuition, our Sacred Inner Voice, our Truest of True Wisdom. We must listen, and trust it with all of our hearts. Because when we return to our centers and open ourselves to hear the murmurs transform into clear insight and wisdom, we get something that is incredibly precious: Clarity. Sometimes, the clarity takes a while longer to come, but the more often we pause and turn our attention to the whispers, the message will come through.

The next time your soul whispers to you, spend a few moments aligning with it. When we make space for Life to speak to us, it always does.


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Big love,

Sending much love,

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  1. Didi Arias

    So True. Thanks.

  2. Kelly

    Thank you for this! Love the art and the meaning with it. I am also learning to listen to and trust myself. Awesome to know we are all in this together.

  3. Kathy

    Sometimes these messages arrive at just the right time. Could it be fate that this landed in my inbox today. So often I struggle with that whisper, so often I disregard it. Maybe this is another sign that I should listen harder. Thanks Kelly Rae!

  4. anna

    I SO agree! I hear that little voice babble at me, too, and lately I’ve finally started to listen! Finally beginning to do what I love: paying more attention to ME and worrying less about “the day job” in the hopes that what I love to do will once again be what I do full-time – create my art. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Connie

    Beautifully written, Kelly. It’s so true. It took me years to believe that I don’t have a soul, I AM a soul… that this is who I was before I got here, who I am now, and who I will continue to be when I’m gone. So why get to me know ME now? And having spent my life listening and believing, listening and believing, I see now that magic really does exist… And even better than that is that I am the Magician. But TRUST is key to all of it. I loved your blog, my soul sister.

    • Connie

      I meant to say, So why NOT get to know me now?

  6. Barbara Halbig

    Kelly Rae: You are awesome and just what I wanted and needed. Thank you for sharing your experiences – I love our time and look forward to it each week. Thank you. Love Barbara Halbig

  7. Janey D

    So appropriate to my life at the moment. Thank you for putting it into words!


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