#wearyourjoySPRING Wrap Up – So Much FUN!

May 12, 2017 | My Creative Practice, Wear Your Joy™

Hi friends! This past week, many of you joined me for #wearyourjoySPRING, a five day (free!) challenge all about reinvigorating (or discovering!) the practice of making our hearts visible – and wearable. Although the challenge may be over, you can still join us – check out the wrap up below and read on to find out how!

Monday, May 8

It’s DAY 1 of #wearyourjoySPRING. I’m excited to take the next five days of this practice. My intention? To reinvigorate my personal Wear Your Joy practice. Now that I work from home, I’ve slipped into the habit of hanging around in my moomoos, which, for me, lowers my entire frequency and vibration and makes getting to my projects HARD. I notice when I get dressed in joy, even when I work from home, I have more delight in my day, more inspiration, more motivation to do my work in the world.
So yes, here I am today, wearing my joy. I even curled my hair. WHAT?!
ps: this tunic is from Anthro. Belt is an older find and I can’t remember where I got it (sorry!). Shoes are old Miz Mooz flats.

Tuesday, May 9

It’s DAY 2 of #wearyourjoySPRING.
I’m loving the warm weather, ya’ll. The tunics have come out, the flowy pants have come out, and my smile has definitely come out a bit more, too. 
ps: The tunic and pants I’m wearing are from @gudrunsworld (I’m obsessed). Check out their clothes (affordable, cute, and ethically sourced) right here. I’m a proud partner of Gudrun (happy dance).

Wednesday, May 10

It’s DAY 3 of #wearyourjoySPRING.
Today’s email that went out to all the folks who are doing this five day practice with me (not too late to join us >> details below) is all about ULEARNING the rules we’ve placed on ourselves when it comes to what we wear. One of the rules I’ve placed on myself has to do with how I can’t wear long dresses because I’m too short (5’2″). Not entirely sure on where that rule came from, but I’m breaking it today.
I created a maxi dress for myself by layering pants, a long slip, a dress, and a belt. Result: Totally wearing my joy!
ps: The pants, slip, and dress I’m wearing today are from @gudrunsworld (I’m obsessed). Check out their clothes (affordable, cute, and ethically sourced) right here. I’m a proud partner of Gudrun (happy dance).

Thursday, May 11

It’s DAY 4 of #wearyourjoySPRING. How are ya’ll doing with it?
Today’s email prompt is all about cleaning out our closets and how it can be a a sacred self care ritual. Because, of course, it’s not about the clothes. It’s about the weight of holding onto the clothes. About the holding on to an older version of ourselves that simply may not exist anymore. It’s about all the space they’re taking up in our spiritual closets, not leaving much room for new breath, new space, new life. It’s about gently letting go and creating a clearing so that who we are today and who we want to be be can emerge.
The first time I cleaned out my closet (after holding on to my entire pre-motherhood wardrobe for two years, hoping I’d one day fit into them again) I spent a couple of hours one rainy morning going through each piece of clothing. I asked myself one question about each piece: Is it holding me back or pushing me forward? If the answer was holding me back, I let it go.
It felt like a ritual. Like I was thanking each piece of clothing for all the ways it served my spirit in my pre-mamahood days, then I gently packed it up in a box with a wish that it would do the same for the next soul and spirit that it would serve. There were a few tears shed. A realization that I’m was all grown up now and that this new version of me now gets to be reflected in new clothes that fit her new, beautiful body.
ps: I’m wearing a tunic I recently got on clearance at Free People. Chevron leggings are from Gudrun Sjoden (I’m obsessed – find more here). Boots are very old Frye’s.

Friday, May 12

It’s DAY 5 (the last day) of #wearyourjoySPRING. We made it!
Today’s email prompt was about integration. How can we begin to integrate what we’re learning from the Wear Your Joy practice into other aspects of our lives? How can we always choose joy, not just in our clothes but EVERYTHING?
I deeply believe that these micro decisions that we make everyday: which colors we choose to paint our walls, what kinds of furniture we buy, what we bring to our cubicles at work – it all matters. DEEPLY. If we’re choosing (and trusting) our own unique brand of joy along the way during all these micro decisions, then we’re primed and ready to choose joy for the bigger macro decisions when it really really really matters: what job to say yes to, who to date, who to marry, who to be friends with! It all matters.
Our jobs, here on Earth, are to choose joy. To integrate it into our homes, our work spaces, our friendship. To radiate it out into the world through the expression of ourselves whether that be our clothing, our perspectives, our outlooks on life, our decor, and so much more.
Who’s with me?
ps: I’m wearing a tunic from Ace and Jig (love their clothes!) that I recently scored at a sample sale (YES!).
Thanks so much to those of you who have particiapted these last five days in #wearyourjoySPRING. If you missed it, you can still sign up and we’ll send you all five days of emails so you can do it whenever you’d like (for free!). Anyone who signs up receives a 50% discount code to use toward the full Wear Your Joy® ecourse! It’s true!

Sending much love,

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  1. Deb

    They say that you are what you eat. So I am going to make you into a cupcake and gobble you up! Then I can be all the goodness you are! Thank you for being you and sharing you with us!

  2. Pamela C payne

    Love Day 5 dress………..


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