website mysteries and thankfuls

Sep 21, 2006 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress, My Creative Practice

i have been designing my very own website these last couple of days with the help of a very nifty software program for mac users called freeway. essentially, the program takes your design (that you’ve made in photoshop) and writes the html code for you. how cool is that? so that’s what i’ve been up to. it’s been quite a process. several days and phone calls later to various techies at hosting and domain companies, i’ve figured out the whole process and hope to have it uploaded to the internet very, very soon. i’ll keep you posted.

several weeks ago, i told Laini that i didn’t think i had it in me to design my own website, let alone learn a new software program, and then how to upload my site to the web. it seemed like a very mysterious process to me – one that i’d rather pay someone smarter than me to deal with. being the incredible encourager that she is, she insisted that i could do it myself and persuaded me to try the freeway software. and i am so, so glad i listened to her. her husband (and my friend) jim has been giving me a ton of techie support these last two days while i’ve worked my way through this process. i am just so terribly thankful to have these 2 people in my life. have you seen their artwork? amazing!

and the whole thing just reminds me that i really can do anything, anything (!) – even the somewhat simple task of putting together a website. i’ve always known this is true (because the people i love have always told me this), but i never really experienced it until last summer when i trained for, and then ran a very hilly half-marathon. if i can do that, surely i could be a working artist. and if i can do that, surely i can make a website. and it will go on and on. i’m just lucky to have the people in my life tell me, insist really, that i can do it, that i need to do it. none of us get to where we are in life without the help of someone else. this, i am learning. i have a lot of thanking to do.

Sending much love,

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  1. dfh
  2. Anonymous

    Let me know when you’re site is up, if you need hosting try Dallas Web Hosting

  3. Kristin

    She’s simply beautiful, sis. love ya.

  4. Judy Wise

    Bravo, Kelly, that’s the spirit! I’m going to check out your program as I did mine in html and have to go back to my notes every time I make a change. It sure does make you appreciate Blogger, doesn’t it?

    Cannot wait to see your new website. GO, go go.

  5. thesoulofhope

    I can not wait to see the website!! I also am up for a trade now if you have time! let me know!

  6. Laini Taylor

    What a great, positive post. Yay, you! It is quite amazing what we can do if we really really want to. I’m glad I could urge/nag you into it, but Jim deserves way more credit than me, since he found freeway and figured it out in the first place. And after all my excitement about having a website I could update whenever I wanted. . . I haven’t updated it since I posted it!!!

  7. Jaci

    WOW! That’s awesome! My hubby is a programmer and so I always send any and all website things his way. Good for you tackling it by yourself! Maybe I need to try that program?

  8. britt

    kelly i am so proud of you. isn’t it amazing what we can do?? like you, i sometimes doubt myself. recently i also created a website for work using dreamweaver. at first i insisted that it was too hard, but then it got so fun and now i am so confident about it. and, the same goes for statistics. these hard, mysterious things that we really try to understand can actually be enjoyable and boy does that feel good. rock on!


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