we’ve been on a big adventure.

Apr 26, 2012 | Life in Progress

Love true's chub chub hands in this photo.
(the three of us at a friend’s wedding)

We’ve been on an adventure. A big one. All the way to the East Coast. All the way to my best guy friend’s wedding which took me all the way down memory lane lane, back to 1987 when we first became friends at that age of 13 – an age and time when I met many of my life long friends.

(True and I with groom Garrett and old friend Kat)

I have a dear spot in my heart for these friends and as I grow older, I miss them. I miss our youth together. I miss the constant stream of adventure and new beginnings and simplicity and young drama. I miss the hope of what was to come in later years together through highschool, through college, through first jobs, marriages, and on and on.

(me, Kat, and bride Caro)

We’re all grown up now, sort of.

At 37, it feels like we’re not quite grown up, yet doing really adult things like having families and buying houses and struggling with slowing metabolisms, and achy backs. I find myself looking around lately and seeing so many young people around me only to realize I’m not one of them. I’m middle aged. I. Am. Middle. Aged. I find it fascinating, this process of aging.

You know what else I find fascinating? The fact that, with age, I am becoming completely and fully interested in things like visiting all the national museums in DC and reading and learning everything I can about US history, world history. And natural history, too. Did you know that the dinosaurs existed for over 140 million years before they were gone? I mean, seriously.
After the wedding we headed to DC to meet up with John’s family.
on of my all time favorites of uncle roy and grandad
We honored two very special people with very poignant ceremonies at Arlington Cemetery – what an honor it was to salute them, their bravery, their hearts, and all that they gave.
I want to eat those lips.
We are home now – a bit worn out from the travel. Turns out, our good travel luck ran out and we struggled big time with a busy and tired 18 month old on planes, long car rides, etc etc. Late last night I was that mom standing in the back of the plane trying desperately to soothe an overtired and stuffy (has a cold) baby while holding back the tears while feeling frustrated with unhelpful airline attendants while mustering up all of my patience while considering all the things we could have done differently in this situation – a long 5.5 hour flight. When we finally landed, a young dude leaned over and said “Man, I thought I was tired. You’re supermom. Great job.” And I lost it. 
Taking it easy these next couple of days…but feeling quite grateful that we were there for two very important moments in time: a wedding and an honoring of the passing of two dear brave men.

Sending much love,

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