Yes to Growing. Yes to healing.

Mar 18, 2013 | My Creative Practice

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I’ve been thinking so much about healing. About how we all need it. About how we must heal ourselves before we can fully nurture others (including our children), before we can fully offer up our work/vision to the world, before we can fully lean into the joy.  I think I used to think that healing was for those who were in serious trouble or for those who were in incredible despair, depression, or worse. It didn’t occur to me that healing was something we all need, and often. I also thought that healing was something that happened to you vs something we create for ourselves.

I’m learning how untrue both those beliefs were and how healing, in some ways, is a life long process + practice of unlearning much of what we’ve been taught and told along the way. Unlearning as in pealing back the layers of fear and armor and all the stuff that gets in the way of our truest voice. Unlearning as in going all the way back to the moment of trauma and healing that younger version of ourselves with compassionate guidance. Unlearning as in unraveling all the untrue stories we tell about ourselves while we begin to tell new, more accurate stories (I AM enough. I AM loved. I AM worthy.).

“Like archaeologists of the soul, we need to excavate our hidden depths to unearth the shards of the spirit, and then reassemble those fragments into a whole self.” – Caroline Myss 

As I continue my everyday healing practice/awareness, I am amazed at how my older life, my social work life – the younger version of myself that was lit up by self discovery – is re-emerging back into the fold as new kind of soul work life. That’s what it feels like. Good, solid, healing soul work.

Wishing the same sweet healing for you, too.

A couple quick announcements:
– Remember back in early Feb when I told you that the amazing Alex Franzen was coming to my studio to teach a workshop? Friends, the workshop sold out quickly. The even better news? We’ve added a second date. Want to come hang out in my studio with me and about 20 other people for what will be an incredible workshop? Come on over friends. There are seven spots left. Act fast! All the details are here
– This week, on Thursday, we are hosting a HUGE Hip Hip Hooray Giveaway Party. Huge. Mark your calendars, friends. You won’t want to miss it. Lots of winners, and major party favors for you! Super excited. 

Sending much love,

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  1. Whitney

    Of all the girls you've painted, I think your "Yes to growing" girl has the loveliest face of them all. She a pure, sweet angelic quality to her.

  2. tina

    Is there a wait list for the Alex Franzen workshops? I so want to attend and didn't reserve my spot this morning when I saw the announcement.

  3. Unknown

    Hi Kelly Rae
    Thank you for your generosity and sharing. Makes me proud to be a woman. Love your party idea and glad I could join. Inspires me to keep following my truth and start a whole new chapter. I retire early (VERY early) next year from teaching and on to business, art, healing and writing. You are a role model.
    Irene Eaves

  4. Deb @ home life simplified

    Just yesterday I was thinking about how I need to peel back the layers and finally heal my 18 year old self in order to go forward with my children (girls who are fast approaching an age where I will need to have big discussions). Thank you for this beautiful image and your words

  5. Mary

    Dear Kelly Rae, sometimes these really hurt when someone has a really serious illness. Oh how I wish it was that easy. I have had years of over 100 medical appointments in a year. Cure myself? I know all about aroma therapy, soft music, massage, being kind to yourself. I also know crying due to the fact the pain is so bad the medicine will not work. Please remember us too.

  6. rachel awes

    this is beautiful, m'dear.

  7. Lori Taylor

    Kelly Rae – you are so special in this world. I am almost a generation older than you are but relate to the journey you are on in so many ways. You are a version of my younger self. The internet and blogging were not so prevalent as I was passing by some of the roadsigns and events you are now experiencing – or I could have written your blog! Thank you for being so succinct and transparent.

  8. Marilyn

    Dear Kelly Rae! Thank you for all your sharing! I bought your e-book and it helped me heal some deep fears about sharing my voice. I am very grateful – thank you! Today I shared my first blog ever!
    Marilyn Oria


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