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Dec 6, 2007 | Life in Progress

(“you + me” on 10×30 canvas)

i love this painting. yes i do. this doesn’t happen very often, this feeling of pride, but when it does, it feels like a purity of rush. a gladness. its funny how we sometimes don’t allow ourselves to be proud of ourselves, like we’d be betraying the rule of selflessness and humility if we do. but i think it might be good for us every now and again to really sit back and joyfully reflect on all we’ve overcome and our small steps along the way – the simple things that we put our hearts and souls into. our creativity. our decisions. our chosen reactions. the way we treat ourselves. self care. the way we treat others. all the hard work. all the living well. let’s celebrate it all with a spirit of vitality. job well done. keep going. be proud. be proud.

it is now 3:04am. this is the third nite in a row of a 3am bedtime (and no, the yellow poster board does not call for a 3am bedtime:)). i just sent my e-newsletter. if you’re not signed up to receive it, then you can see it right here!

Sending much love,

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  1. Ladyv

    thank you for your words. they so resonated with me. i just adore that new painting as well!

  2. Katrina

    beautiful work dear kelly rae!!! you should certainly feel proud and i’m glad you’re letting yourself enjoy all the amazing work you’ve offered up to the world in the last few months. maybe your confidence and joy are just reflections of growth into new parts of your art/ words/ living and with that growing comes beauty and peace… and blooms. yes, blooms! so hats off to these paintints and spurts of growth and peace and contentment and blossoms of being proud. it’s joyous!

  3. matirose

    it’s really really good.

  4. samin

    i love this painting. suddenly, your stuff seems so klimt-y to me. what beauty!

  5. Christianne

    Hi Kelly Rae — I love the colors on this painting too. I also wanted to say that I’ve seen a shift in the tone of your blog posts of late. You speak with greater authority now. I wonder if this has to do with having finished your manuscript? Or entered into that deeper season that’s beyond the “new artist” season you talked about a number of posts back? Anyway, it’s really cool to see that strength emerging from you, and I just thought I’d point it out, in case you hadn’t received that from someone outside yourself yet. 🙂

    PS: My hub and I are considering Yosemite at New Year’s this year, and I thought of you and your hub while I was tooling around on the Yosemite website today. I may have read somewhere in your archives that you two have been there a few times for hiking, but even if I’m just imagining reading that, I can totally picture the two of you guys, in all your active glory, there.

  6. maría jesús

    surfing the web I found your blog and I just loved your work, it’s really beautiful, all your paintings, all of them are reasons to be proud of yourself!!!
    Greetings from Spain!!!

  7. Clare Jane

    I saw Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love) on Oprah the other day and someone asked her about being selfish in the pursuit of a better life. She pointed out that in Mandarin Chinese there are two words for selfish: one meaning caring and nurturing for yourself and the other being hording and greedy. She said it’s unfortunate that the English language has morphed those two meanings into one word. I thought that was a very important thing to keep in mind.

    Have a great show this weekend!!


  8. Jennifer/The Word Cellar

    3:00am bedtimes are a rather common occurrence for me, night owl that I am. But I’m trying to break myself of this habit. It wreaks havoc on trying to live in a world that doesn’t cater to such a schedule.

    I’m glad you can allow yourself to feel proud of your work. It’s a gift we should give ourselves more often.

  9. Sherry

    Kelly, I have admired your work in Cloth, Paper Scissors over the last two issues and just now discovered your blog. Today when I was looking through the issues again, something about your work just jumped out at me and the article in the Sept/Oct 07 issue seemed to be speaking right to me. I needed this today. Thank you for creating such beauty in the world.

  10. migueltanco

    very nice work! i like the texture of the pieces..

  11. deirdre

    Kelly, I love this painting! Will you have prints?

    We’re going to try to make it to the art fair this weekend. We have my niece and nephew this weekend, so we have to play it by ear.

    I hope you’re getting some sleep. xoxo

  12. Brahdelt

    It’s beautiful, you have every right to be proud of your works! *^v^*

  13. kelly

    oh i dig this one. those colors!
    don’t you just like the 10×30 canvas. i have one left. i am going to have to order more!

    such a creative force you are. can’t wait to see you article.

  14. Kirsten Michelle

    this is so beautiful!!! i’m so happy you’re feeling pride and gladness about it!!!
    you have so many reasons to be proud our yourself these days…i’m loving my new cloth/paper/scissors, all the lovely new prints on your esty and i just finished reading my newsletter!!!
    have fun with the show this weekend…wish i could be there to support you in person!!!
    now sleep girl, sleep 😉


    it’s beautiful….you deserve to feel proud !!


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