Friends, this is a large “Kindness Changes Everything” manifesto. It reads:

Kindness Changes Everything.
I believe…Kindness changes everything, like in a BREAK YOUR HEART JOYFUL way.
I believe… When we EXTEND OUR HEARTS toward those in need, we also heal something important within ourselves.
I believe… That hope matters, that we can inspire change by radiating joy, LOVE, and compassion to everyone we encounter.
I believe… In HUGS, spontaneous compliments, and smiling at strangers. These small acts matter deeply.
I believe… Celebrating others, ENCOURAGING THEIS SUCCESS, and lifting them up along the way is essential to our collective wellbeing.
I believe… Living a life of gratitude is one of the kindness gifts we can give the world.
I believe… in Listening to the wise voice of my heart and doing the right thing-even when it’s scary.
I believe… We are all connected and kindness is the voice that softly says, “I SEE YOU. I HONOR YOU. and YOU ARE NOT ALONE.”

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