I love love love watching him live out his best life as a kid. Scavenger hunts. Daily ruckus. Trading Pokemon cards. Super Mario. Sleepovers. Fort building. Tree climbing. Outfit wrangling. Giggles. Joke telling. Piano playing (lots of Star Wars theme music). Dog snuggling. Lego building (Ninjago, Star Wars). Book reading (Wimpy Kid, Harry Potter). Roller hockey on the sidewalk. Drawing monsters and ghosts and spy plans. Walkie Talkies. Making Potions. Obstacle Courses. LOSING TEETH. Loving on his lovies (Bear, Elephante, Biggie, Tiny) with such affection.

Motherhood comes with all the hard stuff that is ultimately SO GOOD, but it also comes with all the classic kid stuff that my heart can barely take.

Love this life. Love this kid. Go True!

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