A Wear Your Joy™ Practice for your hair!

Feb 9, 2018 | My Creative Practice, Wear Your Joy™

Friends, I’ve discovered Top Knots and I’m never ever going back. Who knew? My hair hasn’t been this long since I was 7 years old. I haven’t been able to do legit Top Knots, but it’s Top KnotISH. I’m having so much fun playing with all the new things I can do with my hair that I feel a little giddy when I wake up in the morning. Is that weird?

It’s also going gray and thinning and I don’t even care. It’s like the Wear Your Joy™ practice but for your hair. Also. I’ve been shamelessly watching youtube videos on how to braid and create easy look.

If this is aging, count me IN. I have visions of having long grey hair, braided and messy.

Speaking of wearing your joy, I’ve been wearing mine on the daily. Even if I never leave the house. And I’m reminded why I started this practice all those years ago: it’s about remembering who we truly are.

PPS: For those of you who are new to wearing your joy, I’d love to have you join me for Wear Your Joy, a 30-day email course for people who want to get dressed in joy.

Details here. Use code KRRjoy for 15% off at checkout!

Let’s make the call of your heart visible – and wearable.

Sending much love,

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  1. Patricia Meyer

    One more thing. Need your input on Letting Go of things. As much as possible! I have a 4000 sq ft house that has a lifetime of precious (and not so precious) things that I Know I need to purge big time. Before I got sick I kept things well organized (and hidden) and I loved the Eclectic & Joyful but Peaceful atmosphere. My family & friends loved it. But after five years of not being able to do much of anything, it’s a Mess. I keep trying to tackle one room at a time but nothing works. Still have some foggy thinking and tire easily, but I Need to Purge. I believe it will help me with my healing and to move forward. FYI Can’t deal with a stranger coming in and going thru it. Any suggestions?

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Hi Patricia,
      Have you ever read Marie Kondo’s book? I think you might love it. She also has a show on Netflix, which I think you might enjoy. I’ve been getting great tips from her when it comes to all you’ve commented here about. I’d check it out!

  2. Patricia Meyer

    Dear Kelly Rae, I’ve been following you for Years. Purchased many of your Wonderful courses, happily reading your blog from the beginning. So Inspiring! Helped me thru some Really hard times. Divorce. Death of my Mom who was my best friend.
    Then I got Seriously ill and fell off the map so to speak. Couldn’t read or paint or think clearly. So SICK. Long road back but I’m getting better day by day. LOVE your new site and all the Exciting New Stuff!!! I have one question at the moment- lots really- but first things first. What hair products do you use?? My hair is thinning and I’m trying to let it grow out. So hard. Love your top knots btw! Thank you!

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Hi Patricia!
      Thanks for being such a long time supporter. AND I’m thrilled you are feeling better. One day at a time, ok? Yes, hair. Mine has been thinning as well. I’ve been taking biotin and that seems to be helping a bit. Also, LOW inflammation diet: mainly plants. As for products, I’ve been using Aveda shampoo and their hair thickening tonic. It’s helped me style my hair with a bit more volume. I hope this helps!


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