living room tour…(it’s a long one)

Feb 22, 2009 | Home + Studio Tours

hey friends,

the house is finally coming together in completion. the living room and the bedroom were the last to settle in and now that they’re unpacked and done, i’m really loving the mood of this place and how it all came together. i wanted to give you guys a tour of the living room!

the living room was a bit tricky. when you walk into the house (the front door is to the left of this photo), you walk into this big room. there aren’t any closets downstairs and we very much needed some sort of entryway that could hold our coats, umbrellas, shoes, bags, etc. so we divided the room up into two different spaces. one for the entryway (on the left here) and one for the living room (on the right).

here’s the front view of the makeshift entryway (what you see when you walk in the front door). that’s an old church pew/bench that john’s parents gave us many years ago. and the quilt was made by his beloved grandmother when he was just a tot. the old wooden shutters are sandwiched between the bench and the couch to help provide definition to the division of the two spaces. and i tacked up a piece of ribbon to the shutters to act as an inspiration/welcoming line – a place to hang recent cards, photos, etc. i heart this little space.

here’s a bit of a better view of the whole area.Β the cabinet to the left used to be our tv cabinet but we converted it into a much needed coat closet. the canvas bin on the floor holds scarves, gloves, hats…..

we have another area for coats on the wall. and we’re using our old metal oregonian newspaper holder to hold umbrellas by the front door. the large old suitcase to the right belonged to my gr gr grandfather (maybe it was just one gr?). the box on top is used to store misc items (wallets, watches, ipods, etc) that we grab when we walk in/out of the front door. and that’s a vintage metal key holder above the suitcase on the wall. love that thing.

we put a couple of baskets underneath the bench to hold our most used shoes. and that’s the dining room in the background. we switched out the rug for a more vibrant yellow one. it suits us better i think :). here’s an updated photo of that room with the new rug.

our living room is a patchwork of old and new, and reds, yellow, blues. i love the pop of color from the green couch (we need that in the northwest). the rug is an old anthro rug that a friend gave to me. and the leather chair was the first piece of new furniture we ever bought together (years ago).

we barely have enough books to fill the built-ins but i’m loving the library feel they give to this room. the old star hung over the tv isΒ one of my favorite touches…i once saw a similar arrangement in a magazine somewhere and i’ve been holding onto the idea ever since.
the white frame wall collection was inspired by my friend hula (the same friend who inspired the letters). some of the frames have prints from fave artists, but most of them are filled with either vintage wallpaper or scrapbook paper – another idea i found in a magazine somewhere. i love the effect – here’s a closer look without the glare. i had a heck of time trying to find lampshades to go with our glass vintage bases, but i love what this etsy seller had to offer (shades draped in amy butler fabrics…oh my!).

the wicker chair was found on the side of the road by my mom years ago and you would not believe how cozy it is. and that’s an ikea floor lamp with an anthro shade. and the little monster snuggly was made by lk ludwig. it was my favorite purchase from artfest 2006. the old candle holder sits on top of our coffee table (old wicker trunk). it was in the dining room for awhile, but it’s happier in this room, i think πŸ™‚

the fireplace holds our collection of old salvage posts along with a canvas reproduction of one of my pieces (more of these will be for sale very, very soon in the etsy shop – just waiting for their delivery) and another wooden frame. the fireplace also holds old rulers turned into photo holders (another great idea found in a magazine somewhere).

omg, i do believe that was the most long winded tour ever. i hope you guys enjoyed it. next up: the bedroom.
in other news, my friend sarah was here last weekend for a visit (love her) and mati was here the last couple of days. loving all the visitors and the chilling out. mati and i painted up a storm together (collaborative paintings) and i’ll share what we made (with a video showing one of our paintings from start to finish) in my next post…..
hope you all are well and off to a good week πŸ™‚

Sending much love,

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  1. michelle a

    Okay…still obsessed and inspired by your home… wish I had this in a little magazine so I could carry your ideas with me from room to room (I have a desktop pc…) You are fabulous Kelly!

  2. Aundria B.

    I love how your put together your livingroom & entryway. It's very welcoming, warm and fun. You've given me something to dream towards. πŸ™‚

  3. debkpr

    Kelly, I just bought your book “Taking Flight” The book is awesome. I’m new at this and find it hard to find who I am in the art world. As I don’t want to copy someone else. So inspiring and can’t wait to try the techniques. Thank you.


  4. Jenny

    I love it! What is the paint colour you used in this room?

  5. travelingmama

    LOVE the pics! Your LR is adorable! I love how it’s so cozy and modern yet has a warm, lived-in kind of feel! Hope you’ll share more!

  6. Laini Taylor

    The room looks gorgeous, Kelly! It makes me want to do some serious shopping and nesting πŸ™‚

  7. Kardeah

    Nice pics makes me want a home of my Just wanted to ask you something, how do you do it, open your world to everyone, exposing so much that you are left so open. I started my own blog on my journey to my inspiration and creativity but I find it so hard! Oh also wanted to let you know that I found your blog for ages now and I wanted to say thank you..YOU INSPIRE ME, everytime I have felt down I would go through your blog and feel happy, again thank you.

  8. Mim Smith Faro

    I know I’m just another in a long line to say, “thank you for sharing your beautiful home” but I had to comment. My 13yo dd just happened to wander by while I was looking and she stopped to look with me. We both love your house and the lovely little touches. Thanks for giving us a moment πŸ˜‰

  9. Roberta

    Love this post and your house is beautiful. Very refreshing, charming and yet simple. Love the “photo” holders on the fireplace…gonna nap that idea as a desktop “memo” holder. See you at “inspired” 2009!
    Fondly, Roberta

  10. linwood avenue

    thanks for the shout out! i am so excited to see that my shade found a home in your beautiful room.

  11. Kelly

    lovely tour kelly rae! i’ve been redoing my great room as well and we must have similar tastes! i have that orange rug!

  12. carlanda

    Dear Kelly,
    Thank you so much for sharing more of your world! Your decorating talent matches your painting talent! It is beautiful.

    xo carlanda

  13. Heather

    your home is so beautiful, warm and inviting! I love the tours πŸ™‚ makes me wanna decorate!

  14. Jill from N.H.

    I love it all. I’m taking notes so that once I find a house I’ll know some tricks to turn it into a home. Looking forward to seeing what you and Mati have created.
    Have fun at Art Nest my friend Caryn will be joining you.
    Love, Smiles and Hugs,

  15. jenny

    I absolutely love it. The division of space is brilliant and I love the old and new, bright and cheery space.

  16. Carolyn

    so cheerful! perfect colors for the northwest!

  17. Katie

    Thanks for the tour – how I’d love to curl up with a book on that red couch. The whole place looks so warm and inviting. Enjoy your new nest!

  18. katie

    so charming!

  19. Mayberry Magpie

    I could live in this room and never, ever leave. Ever.

    You have a knack for cozy. Of course, that shows in your art, too.

    Thanks for sharing! I love home tours.

  20. Gwen

    I love your entry! I am going to have to steal that idea! Also the photo holders from old rulers, I have a collection of those rulers, and have been wondering how to use them…

    Your style is so wonderfully cozy!

  21. oksana

    You house looks really beautiful, happy and colorful! Very cozy! I like is very much!

  22. Boho Girl

    i went to interior design school and i am so serious when i say, you have such a natural talent for this.

    you are an interior design goddess.


  23. The Thomas Clan

    All looks fantastic. Love the color of the walls … do you know the name of the paint?
    Warmest hugs.

  24. Sara Moriarty-delaFuente

    Oh yes house envy no doubt. Your lovely spirit infuses everything that you do.

    I love the long tour and commentary. I could look at your spaces over and over and not get bored. There is so much magic peaking out everywhere!

  25. Lisa

    Hi~ I haven’t stopped by to comment for quite some time. Nonetheless, I want you to know how excited I am for your recent successes and fabulous move! This house is lovely!!!

    Thank you for sharing the photos πŸ™‚

  26. Cabs

    I am really loving the spirit of your new place. It looks so welcoming and cozy! Thanks for sharing so many pictures with us!!
    Carol in Mass

  27. honeybee

    Very inspiring, Kelly! I think I may have to try some of your wonderful ideas. Thank you for inviting us in for a peek.

  28. Sherry Goodloe

    Loved all of the extra “touches” you’ve incorporated. The ruler photo holder, the framed papers, and mroe! Thanks for sharing your eye candy.

  29. JudySheaRT

    kelly.. you have a lovey home.. it is SO you.. you have given it some beautiful touches. I just love the built in.. one of my wishes in my next home.. ugh!

  30. stef

    I so love the style and thought you put into your place!! xoxo

  31. Bonnie

    The shutter room divider giving you a foyer feel is so flipping clever!! Smart girl!! Love it.

  32. mystele

    oh, kelly! every time you do one of these tours, i get the nesting bug…thank you!

  33. sarah

    You have inspired me with all your home posts. I’ve been in my house for five years and it is full of many objects I don’t ‘love’. I’m going to start editing immediately!

  34. nancemandell

    love your space, warm cozy and real, just like you. xxxxx nance in texas

  35. Amanda

    Oh, as always, love love love it all!
    Especially digging on: the framed scrapbook paper/wallpaper section, the entire mantle arrangement, the church pew, the ikea lamp + anthro shade, the orange floral rug, the built-in shelves (so jealous!) and jon’s lovely, lovely quilt. You did a fabulous job pulling everything together!

  36. The Blue Plum Shop

    Love the red sofa. And the bench area is very cute. Looks like a nice sunny place to sit.

  37. christianne

    I love your house! So creative and unusual and yet so totally you. I have house envy! πŸ™‚

  38. adrienne

    this looks really home-y. great idea to divide the room-clever! i like the lamp shades… and your globe collection is super.

  39. justagirl

    look really inviting… thanks for all the pics. Looks like you get wonderful light through the house.

  40. mrs boo radley

    Fabulous room! Love the shutter room divider. I think your candle holder looks extremely happy atop that old wicker trunk. I too, like to frame scrappy paper…and the latest rage here is framing old calendar pics.

  41. Sandi Keene

    Your living room looks exactly like you. What a success!

  42. paris parfait

    Your place looks fantastic – so warm and cozy. Glad you’ve been having fun with friends and relaxing a bit!


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