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Apr 18, 2019 | Inspiring Products

I thought I’d share a few more cards from my card line with Leanin Tree! Love these cards!

They’re made in the US on recycled paper with soy-based inks. YES! Annnnnd they’re oversized at 5×7 annnnnd many have glitter and other special treatments, too.

We have MANY cards, all available over on the Leanin Tree website.

Birthday card:

Birthday card:

Support card:

(blank inside)

Hello card:


Gratitude card:

Thanks, friends. I’m proud of these cards! Many more available over on Leanin Tree’s website.

Sending much love,

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  1. Elaine Weinbrenner

    Hello Kelly Rae Roberts,
    I’m a huge fan of your art by way of my sister. I’d like to explain. She bought an 8×8 piece of your art collection labeled Seeker Wall Art in a gift store/ boutique that our aunt works in called Apple Annies in Hurst, TX. To give a bit of the background story, I had to retire early & unexpectedly from teaching in 2015 due to health issues that mushroomed. With my income drastically reduced, I was no longer able to afford living independently on my own. My sister & brother-in-law kindly welcomed me to live with them. Giving up the job I’d been passionate about plus losing my independence took an enormous toll on me. Fast forward. I spied the Seeker artwork in her home & was drawn to it, so much so I asked her if I could put it in my room. My sister, being the sweet & generous person she is, gave it to me. I know this is a very long email, but finally, here’s its purpose. Would you possibly allow me to have a custom diamond art painting canvas made of this piece? I’m brand new to diamond art painting—in fact, I’m still waiting on my first order to arrive. But when I discovered diamond art painting, & found out that custom canvases could me made, I thought of your piece. I can envision all of your art being made into diamond art paintings & being quite successful. Have you ever considered this? Anyway, I wanted to ask your permission because I’ve learned through researching my soon-to-be new hobby how important it is for artists’ work to be legally licensed so their creations aren’t stolen & they aren’t cheated out of being paid. Even if you don’t allow me to use Seeker to make a custom diamond painting, it will continue to bring me joy when I look at it.
    Elaine Weinbrenner

  2. Carol Ann Meyers

    My Sister found one of your cards at Good Will, took it home, framed it after adding lace, ribbon and other embellishments! How could I send you a picture of it? Just love it! ❤️

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Hi Carol Ann, what a lovely idea! You can send it to me at – would love to see 🙂


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