Celebrating a brand new gorgeous new website. So grateful.

Apr 10, 2016 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress


The 10 year celebration continues! Last month we celebrated with a huge, epic bundle sale (thank you for the amazing response!), and this month we’re celebrating with a brand new website (my old one was over 7 years old!). Keep reading. I have so much to tell you!

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Hello, new blog on my brand spankin’ new beautiful website! I like you. A lot. 

Friends, this is the first time I’m posting on this newbie blog on my brand new website. And it feels sort of big. I haven’t consistently written blog posts in a long, long time, and this new internet home of mine has inspired me to get back to blogging, to share some more in depth thoughts that go beyond a status update (don’t get me wrong, Instagram is my social media BFF, and Facebook has been a good friend, too). I’m curious to see what unfolds!

But, first let me introduce you to my new website!

I have so much to tell you. I want to tell you how this has been in the making for about a year. I want to tell you that it all started when I realized that 2016 would be my 10th year not just as a working artist but as a woman who declared herself an artist, which perhaps was the most significant declaration of my adult life. I want to tell  you that first there was the dream of a new site to celebrate my 10th anniversary, then all sorts of wondering how to make it real, then reaching out to a few amazing women (videographer! photographer! designer! strategist! copywriter!) who all said YES, they would help me make this thing come alive.

As I’m typing this I’m realizing that it was indeed just about ALL women who took on this project – something that makes total sense given the sisterhood of my community, and makes me really proud. I love women supporting other women and this site has been built from the hearts and minds of women, plus a few very kind dudes who programed the site and made it functional. For the last many months as we’ve all been working our hearts out to make this thing go live, I’ve been saying little prayers of gratitude for them ALL, counting my lucky stars for them, celebrating them, and just generally being in awe of my fortune to work with these people. I’d love it if you checked out My Joyous Team page so you can get to know them, and perhaps reach out to them if you should ever need them for your upcoming projects. I recommend them all, highly. And they are beautiful people + souls.

I’d love it if you grabbed a cup of tea and took a few minutes to poke around the new site. A few big changes have been made from my older site, including a new tag line: Let Art Out. Let Love In. For those of you who have taken any of my online courses, you know that Let Art Out, Let Love In is a huge part of what I teach, and what I know to be true. Art saves, reveals, and inspires and it changed my life 10 years ago by opening my heart to let all the love come rushing in. So, yes. Love the new tag line! Also, there are several new videos (the one on the home page is my favorite!), trailers and even silent videos. Love, love, love.

We also have a totally new shop experience for purchasing prints. I’m giddy of this new shop, how it works, even how the check out pages work (I’m a total geek over such things). International friends, we don’t ship our prints worldwide because they get damaged in route and also because it costs more the print to ship it (I’m so sorry!). The good news? Garden Gallery, an online retailer who sells just about all of my licensed products can include my matted prints with your order should you purchase products with them. Because they are shipping larger items in larger boxes, they can include the prints without fear of them getting damaged. If you’re interested, be sure to check out their website and email them directly.

The blog. The blog! It’s TOTALLy new. We took all 1600+ blog posts that I’ve written over the last ten years and put them into categories for easy reading. You can check out the new blog home page right here. I have a confession. This project required me to go back and read blog posts from those early years of declaring myself an artist and all the crazy things that happened shortly after that declaration (book deal! teaching! magazine contracts! licensing contracts! momentum!). As I re-read some of these old posts, I cringed a bit. I was a girl in a sort of adult puberty. A lot of highs. A lot of lows. A lot of hope. A lot of angst. A lot of vulnerability shared, at times too much. I was learning and creating new boundaries, a new life, all with awakenings and gremlins and so much love and so much fear. I have kept all those blog posts here on this new site as a way of honoring a life in progress as well as a way to tell the truth about what it looks like to simply become who we want to be.

Also, for those of you who would like to get my blogs posts delivered to your inbox, please be sure to enter your email in the right hand side bar of this posts.


So yes, I’m sitting over here working hard to celebrate this new internet home, to live inside the gratitude of it all, to be brave in love.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for traveling with me. I’m so glad you’re here. I’d love to know what you think of the new site – comments are open should you have any questions!


Sending much love,

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  1. Linda OBRIEN

    I am watching you weekly videos. Have ordered some supplies. Enjoying just watching for now and making notes of ideas till I get my materials set. My house is full of your stuff along with other paintings my dad did for me when he was alive.

  2. Rosaura

    I know I am late for your contest but I still decided to write you. I admire your work so very much. I recently lost my daughter to cancer and I would love for you to make an angel for my daughter Natalie Jean. She was a great warrior. Even if it appears she lost her battle I know she is an Angel consoling those who are going through this horrible ordeal. I want to thank you for at least reading my message. I also thank you on behalf of her two children Grace Sophia and Yasset Anthony.

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Sending so much love and comfort to you and you celebrate and mourn Natalie Jean. You are right – she is an Angel warrior, always with you. Big love, Kelly Rae

  3. Chantal Cooligan

    Thank you for shining so much light through your art and writing. Inspirational!

  4. Maryam Sardari

    Could I be the one among winners? I am a possiblitarian, too!

  5. Carla Hogan

    KRR, You are the most inspiring person I have found/read! You are a beautiful person, friend, mother and wife! Your art is gorgeous.
    I bought one of your mantras as a gift to my S-I-L when she was battling cancer. I told her when I gave it to her not to read it at that moment because she and I would both be in tears.
    LoVe all the ideas Demarco has done! Wish there were more shops in my part of the world (KS) that carried your “stuff”!!! CoNgRaTs on your 10 year AnNiVeRsArY!!!

  6. Monserrat Noguera

    I love your work and spontaneity. You are an inspiration. Reminds me ever day that it can be done! thank you

  7. Lesley

    Hi Kelly,

    I have loved your work for several years now. I have some of your lovely Christmas Angels and an Angel named Dream Big to remind me to keep doing just that! It is getting harder to get hold of your work here in United Kingdom which is a great shame. I am loving your painting angels course too, it is real therapy for the soul!

  8. Sarah Cook

    I have given your beautiful items as gifts many many times. Thank you for sharing your heart with us.

  9. Justin

    Thanks for being so generous with sharing your amazing art!

  10. sharon burcham

    I have been a Kelly Rae Roberts fan since April 2010 when I first discovered your amazing work. I love it, it’s my favorite gift to give and my favorite to receive as well.

  11. Chris

    Dear KRR
    I love your new blog, your emails, your updates, your art…you are very creative and inspiring. Keep up your awesomeness!

    And it would make my day to win something too.

  12. Kathy Smith

    Thank you Kelly for awakening us to so many possibilities, and so much joy! Your art has greatly impacted my life, and I know so many others as well!

  13. Debby

    Keeping my fingers crossed! Hoping to be one of the winners because I LOVE jelly Rae Roberts art, style and message!

  14. lisa remmick

    My walls are covered in your art and I get so many compliments. I seem to read the right saying on the days I am having a bad day. What a beautiful gift collect, I would be proud to use and display all the items. You are awesome and so is your new blog!

  15. Kathe Dooley

    What an exciting time for you and how lucky for those of us who have found you and your amazing website and classes! Thanks for all you share with us.

  16. Lori Jean

    Just always luv’n all things Kelly Rae…luv…luv…thanks for sharing this beautiful blog spot….

  17. Sandy

    Thank you for your inspirational and encouraging words!

  18. Beth grimshaw

    So grateful for you and your art

  19. Stacey Leichtamer

    Love, Love the new website!

  20. Shawna Hanks

    You are such a fun and beautiful artist. I owned a retail store, until my hubby got too sick for me to tend to him and run a store, and I loved carrying your products. They always seemed to brighten up the store and all our moods.
    Congratulations on 10 years of great success! You’re awesome!
    Shawna Hanks

  21. Juanita

    I love kelly rae roberts collection!

  22. Louise

    Thank you for your inspiration and your beautiful heartfelt blogs. I love your work, I love your messages and I love your playfulness. You have encouraged me to nurture my playful heart, something that has been lost for so long….blessings to you ??

  23. Estella Magnuson

    Thank you for your beautiful art. I have several pieces, love them!

  24. Traci Foster

    I’m loving your new website. My daughter and I are huge fans!

  25. Kim Davis

    Hi Kelly Rae:

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us and continuing to inspire those that need support in every part of their lives!

  26. Lori Marlow

    Well thanks Kellyrae, so glad Demaco found you.

  27. Debbie Rogers

    You products touch my soul and encourage me to grow!

  28. Kimberkey

    Kelly you make my heart soar with happiness… Thank for continuing to mind to enjoy each moment in life no matter what it is … Always something to learn from each of them! ? Giggle everyday!

  29. Adonna ebrahimi

    I discovered a book of yours in Ojai, ca and I’ve been hooked ever since! I love your heart and your art – you are so genuine. Everything you do speaks to me! I have enjoyed taking your online classes :))

  30. Leigh

    Thanks Kelly for your daily inspiration.

  31. Suzy Meyers

    Awesome wonderful designer and products

  32. Janine

    HI. I found out about you in Cory Huff’s mention in one of his course modules.
    I am just in the pre school stage of it all, barely crawling. I still need to get a new website with ecommerce.
    Your site is gorgeous! I wish I had some angels to help me make a good site. for me- alas I’ll have to settle with shopify because I’m took scared to try wordpress on my own.
    Anyway, have you thought of approaching Canada’s Indigo Book store to carry your work? They sell lots of gift items , especially inspirational things. check them out. http://www.indigo.ca
    I love how you set up your blog..

  33. donna joy

    Beautiful new look for your site-love it! Congrats on 10 yrs! I can still remember standing at your booth at Artfest to purchase some prints-and loving your work-and to see how far you’ve gone with it. Here’s to 10 more yrs~

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Donna! It warms my heart that you were there all of those years ago. A true beginning and also such a refuge for us artist. Love and miss Artfest!

  34. Joy

    Absolutely Glorious… I love it. I will come back and spend much more time on here. ♥

  35. laura gaffke

    Kelly Rae,
    Your new website is amazingly beautiful! I love and appreciate how you left your old posts up. Yes, it can be strange to look back on “who were then” but kind of fun at the same time, right? The journey is where we grow and I honor and appreciate you sharing it. Congratulations on this big accomplishment and for being such a kind-spirited inspiration to so many people. Sending such goodness and joy your way!
    🙂 Laura

  36. Anab

    LOVELY! lovely! LOVEly!

  37. Cheryl

    I love your new website (can’t believe it was 7 years since the last change! Seems like only yesterday!) It is a privilege to share your journey – thank you for your authenticity – and happy 10th birthday!

  38. Carol Weiler

    Really fantastic! Not only looks good but very functional and easy to use. Happy Anniversary!

    • Caroline Pittari

      What a beautiful, joyful blog! Thank you, with gratitude + love. ?

    • ricauna@sbcglobal.net

      Words from the soul surface wth love and spirit, coming alive in creation. That is what you do Kelly Rae Roberts. Your new blog is a feast for the eyes filled with inspiration.
      Thank you, Jesus-


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