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Apr 2, 2015 | Inspiring Products

Friends, each week we try and highlight some of our gorgeous products that we want to share with you! Some new new new and some old favorites. Check ’em out below!

PS: All of the products featured below (and more) are sold online via the online retailer Garden Gallery Iron Works (a local shop here in the Portland area), but if you’re looking for signed/matted prints, you can get these in my print shop

PPS: International customers, Garden Gallery is HAPPY to ship worldwide. Please email them at to get started.

You are loved and treasured. Yes, you!

This NEW everyday ornament from our 2015 line is delicate and gorgeous, and we think it makes a perfect gift for a loved one. Check it out at the online retailer Garden Gallery right here!

It’s a joy full life.
I believe when all else fails love always wins.
I believe in practicing courage every single day.
I believe kindness changes everything.
I believe in telling our messy, complicated, beautiful stories.
I believe nothing is wasted and everything shapes us.
I believe in letting go and trusting the process.
I believe we are all part of something beautiful, something bigger, something deeply, profoundly, astonishingly…good.

Love love love this journal. Beautifully hardbound and perfect for capturing thoughts and reflections. Find it at the online retailer Garden Gallery here!

Introducing our NEW mama bird and baby bird wood sculpture! The baby bird reads: Side by side, heart to heart, we will always be connected in our traveling journeys. The mama bird reads: Remember your roots and trust your wings. Great gift for mamas and mentors!

How cute is this?

You can find this piece, plus jewelry, wall art, and so much more, at the online retailer Garden Gallery right here!

Spring is HERE!! Have you seen our beautiful garden signs with a glass vase! This one reads “Embrace change. Let your heart bloom.” YES YES YES.

Find this piece, plus jewelry, wall art, and more, at the online retailer Garden Gallery right here!

Love these NEW mini wing sculptures, meant to be gifted to those who touch our lives (teachers, mamas, friends, sisters)! We have several of them, but this one reads: “Fly. Your joyful spirit is a gift to this world.” These wings can be hung on a wall or perched on a desk or bookshelf, and comes in the sweetest little gift box!

Check it out at the online retailer Garden Gallery right here!


We’re on the LESS than two week countdown to my painting ecourse! My heart is about ready to burst!

You can learn all the details on exactly what the course is about, how long it is, etc. right here, but the most important thing I can say about this course is this: this is not just a painting/how-to e-course. Yes, we’ll learn a million how-to’s when it comes to painting. Yes, the student work (actual paintings) coming out of this course are stunning. But there is as much a personal growth/soul work component to this class as there is a painting component. And this alignment of the two, well, it’s been total magic for all involved. And don’t get me started about the community and the connections that form between students —> Life. Changing.

Because it’s true: when we let art out, we let love in.

Class starts Monday, April 13th! Come join us for the adventure! 

Sending much love,

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