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Jan 19, 2009 | Entrepreneurship, Life in Progress

i’ve been getting several emails asking about if/when i plan to offer online classes. it’s been something that’s been rattling around in my brain for a few months and as i consider jumping in into this project, i wanted to ask you a couple questions….i would really love it if you shared your thoughts and ideas 🙂
* is this something you guys are interested in? i’d love to get a good idea of the interest out there.
* if i were to offer online classes, what are you most interested in learning? journal projects? faces? backgrounds? collage? or something totally different – perhaps a workshop on the ins and outs of building a creative business? or perhaps an online course that would take you through Taking Flight, chapter by chapter?
* what components are most important to you? live help? video instruction of painting projects, start to finish? a forum where you can connect with other students who are taking the class?
really, i’d love your input as i begin to consider this new direction…i think it could be really good.

Sending much love,

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  1. BrendaKondrlik

    i think on-line classes would be great. journals, collages and following your book would be great!

  2. jan

    Hi Kelly Rae,

    I found your book by accident …. I walked by it in the book store and it jumped out at me… so I picked it up and took it home. I was bursting with joy …. I thought it was the coolest book I’d ever seen. I had been harboring deep wishes to make collage art but never knew how to get started. I have read it cover to cover and enjoyed every delicious word.

    I have just gotten started with my own flight and I am savoring every minute. I even got my nieces involved and had them create their own paintings using your book as inspiration. (ages 12, 11 and 6)

    I am still trying to find my own creative style and voice so any classes you have on that subject would interest me. I would also like to know the business side of it. How to’s with different supplies would also interest me. I like what one person said about having videos to download so you could go back and watch over and over.

    I have been visiting your flickr site (I also have a flickr page I will put a link below) and this blog for a few weeks now but this is the first time I have written. I feel a bit guilty about that because there are so many times I have wanted to let you know how much your words … your pictures and your art have moved me and changed my world.

    I am so glad you have gotten such a good response to your online classes because I would love … love … love …..to take one … anyone.

    hugs from me to you. I now have new creative wings because of you. Jan

  3. Tanya

    Hi Kelly

    this is my first time on your blog, got here from Ali Edwards’ blog today. I am a scrapbooker, and I paint as well, have been since high school- I bought your book and I love it !! Just the kind of painting I am into! An online course that covers the techniques in your book would be cool– I think video classes for that would be best… cant wait to hear what you decide!

  4. Cheryl M

    This sounds like a fantastic idea – like others here, I would be really interested in techniques for backgrounds, expanding on your book (which I love!), and the business side.. that seems so daunting and you have gracefully taken that in your creative stride. I’m full of admiration so would love some ‘know-how’ there.
    Glad to hear you are feeling better after a time of illness – illness + transition.. interesting isn’t it!

  5. Anonymous

    Hi Kelly Rae,
    Online classes , sounds like a fabulous idea .I would definitely be up for it.
    I am most interested in your faces and putting together the whole canvas /idea together .Can’t wait for a update.
    Love Lorraine x

  6. Marissa


    I would love to do an online class either going through the book chapter by chapter or an online class with journaling and painting techniques. I am currently taking Kelly Kilmer’s online class, A Prompt a Day, and I really enjoy the online community that has been created. We are all learning from each other and it’s also great to see what everyone has created based on Kelly’s instruction. I’ve also done similar classes with Suzi Blu and I really liked her online videos. It made it really easy to follow a new technique when you get to see it created from start to finish in a video. That’s my say…

  7. krgero

    I would love to see videos of painting techniques and how paint faces. Oh, who am I kidding – I would sign up for any class that you offered!!

  8. bethieyiya

    I would like to learn how to draw/paint faces.

  9. Sandi Keene

    I am interested in how to do faces. Would love a video step by step that we can either download and keep or access forever. My fave online teacher is Jessica Sprague – check out what she is doing because she is doing it exactly right IMO. I loved your book and would also enjoy a chapter by chapter class. Would love if we made a project (journal?) to go along with the class. Thanks Kelly Rae!

  10. Miriam

    I would really love to do an online course on faces and your book. Whatever course is offered please keep in mind us Aussies and the Aussie Dollar which is heading downwards 🙁

    Thanks Kelly 😀

  11. The Thomas Clan

    What a fantastic idea. Have wanted to start painting and collage, but have been too scared to start:-) Faces, backgrounds, collage techniques and the business side of things. .. count me in.
    Warmest hugs

  12. annie/curbsidetreasure

    i always enjoy learning new techniques on collage and journaling.

    videos would be great for that type of stuff and a forum to connect with you and the other students sounds fantastic. maybe even a live chat once in awhile like in the etsy virtual labs. i like the idea of online classes because they are so much more inexpensive as well since i cant afford the art retreats.

    i am also interested on the business side of it – how to market your business, etc.

  13. lynley

    Hi Kelly rae
    I live in small country town in Australia, and am a beginning artist. Would love any online course or video you may do on learning techniques (faces, collage, background etc), and about the different art materials used and their applications – all this is very hard to come by out here!
    Best wishes for 2009!

  14. Ewe and Me Creations

    I just ordered the book and it should be here by the end of the week. I would love online classes. I have never been good at painting and I could use lots of help with faces!

  15. Little Fragments

    Hey Kelly- Honestly ANY online class that you would offer would be WOOOONDERFUL!!! I am currently taking a few and they are so awesome. The ones that I have signed up for are self-paced which in my opinion is so important when you are a wife, mom, crafter and small business woman- so offering that feature would be great. :)I think that it is a wonderful avenue to add to your business if you can and you definitely can. I do hope that you will give it go. You may already know this but Ning is an excellent site to use for just this type of thing. Take Care and BEST WISHES with this endeavor.

  16. 13luckyravens

    * is this something you guys are interested in? i’d love to get a good idea of the interest out there.

    I would love love LOVE to take an online class,

    * if i were to offer online classes, what are you most interested in learning? journal projects? faces? backgrounds? collage? or something totally different – perhaps a workshop on the ins and outs of building a creative business? or perhaps an online course that would take you through Taking Flight, chapter by chapter?

    Techniques on how you draw your faces (proportions, what you work on first, etc), backgrounds definitely, do you do the faces first or the backgrounds, what are your favorite products and why. Collage yes, how do you come about deciding what you want to use and do you have favorite places to find your items for collaging. Even chapter by chapter is good too.

    * what components are most important to you? live help? video instruction of painting projects, start to finish? a forum where you can connect with other students who are taking the class?

    Live help? Not necessarily, but if you were to ask questions or give prompts and then give your feedback on a weekly basis would be good.
    Yes on the video instruction. Yes on the forum.

    I also wouldn’t turn away business help too. Where do you suggest we begin. Or what do you really wish you had done and what order.

  17. Anonymous

    I would love to take a video course with you. I am especially interested in faces, journals and collage. I can’t wait. You work is so inspiring and amazing. Jillian

  18. Anonymous

    I would love a video of faces.

  19. Anonymous

    In and outs of a creative business for sure… that would be great!

  20. Sue

    I’m interested in journal projects, backgrounds and faces. Personally I like learning with video instruction. I find those most helpful.

    This sounds very exciting!!

  21. JuliaRose

    Hi Kelly,
    Remember to advance confidently on the path of your dreams…Thoreau.
    You have great ideas, and some will please some, and some will please others…but you can’t please all of the pple all of the time..So, first remember to please yourself and all will be well,…have a daydream about what it will feel like to do the online classes…and you will be able to set your priority where it is best to do so…..
    I hope this helps, as I would love to do whatever classes you come up with…xx

  22. Sauntering Soul

    Add me to the list of those interested in a class on how to start a creative business. I’m totally clueless on that!

    I would also be interested in a class on painting faces.

    And I love Carol’s suggestion of a class on tips to come up with our own ideas rather than “copying” someone else’s work.

  23. amy m

    I’d love to take a class, any class you’d be offering as I know I would learn so much. I have learned a lot about painting through your book and others this last year, but I am struggling to find my own voice…i know it takes time though. I’d love to learn creative techniques that would help me find my way.

  24. Charisse

    I would love to take classes from you!

  25. joanie

    Seriously, Kelly,
    I would like to take a class in each thing you mentioned! That would be great!

  26. Sandy

    I would love to know more about any aspect of what you do. I think an online class where we could work at our own pace would be the most helpful. Particularly, if there were a time or two that we could ask you questions throughout the class!

    p.s. I also really like the idea of the taking us through the book chapter by chapter!

  27. Judy Merrill-Smith

    Backgrounds, and business stuff, would both be great, and I think going thru the book chapter by chapter could be a really interesting journey for both you and your students! Being able to interact is really important, I think. Good luck in whatever you decide to do!

  28. Sheilah

    I'd love to go through the book with others. I'm just learning to "spread my wings" & am not ready for the business side of things.

  29. wildflowr

    I think you have a lot to offer. You definitely have a beautifully stream-lined web presence and presentation savy, a distinct signature style that permiates your art/products, and sone interesting techniques for achieving unique effects… but you also clearly have a heart for helping other artists find their own voice. I think your main audience is fellow artists… from the looks of things (or am I bias?), so maybe you should clearly define what you want to offer this specific audience (a niche market is always better than a broad one, right?)
    btw you are absolutely adorable!
    I hope that doesn’t sound condescending; what I mean is: I adore you (your work and personality- instantly laovable!).

  30. Kelly

    I would really like to hear about the business aspects of being an artist. I would also love to take a collage class. Videos would be great.A forum where people could gather ideas etc.. from each other would be great.

  31. Erin Michele'

    An online course for developing a creative business and promoting your work please. Also producing prints of our artwork please.

  32. borcherding

    Hi there! Oh, it’s exciting to think you might have an online class!! I love to learn new techniques using supplies that I have. For instance, I bought some Gesso but I’m not sure what or how to use it. While I would love to learn new techniques I would also love to make a journal that makes me dig deep. 🙂 You know, face the demons that we all have? Whatever you decide to do I am sure it will be GREAT!!

  33. ambrella

    oh, it all sounds wonderful. I would be into a hands on thing, like painting faces, which is so hard for me. And creative business help is always welcome for so many of us! xo

  34. Lorna

    An online course or video would be great. I think your book is fab and has enough step-by step instructions without having to go over it again. I'd like to see similar things, but different. I love painting & collage, so that would be a fav for me to see. I think videos would be a great way for you to connect with people. Is there any chance of you doing workshops on location – I'm over on the Eastside and would definitely come along if you had something in the works.

    Love your blog, book and your creative spirit!

  35. MeMe

    I’d be interested in all of it, Kelly Rae, but I’d like to start with faces.

    Looking forward to your offerings.


  36. Chandra

    I would love to see a class about the business side of things…you are such an inspiration to me in part because you had a “day job” that you were able to leave, and it would be very helpful to hear your advice etc. about that.
    Thank you kelly rae!

  37. Michelle

    Oh yes, please please please….I would love to take an online class taught by you. As a mom to young children, online classes fit my very hectic schedule perfectly!!

  38. Elle_R

    I would like to learn more about background technique. Actually I’d love to learn what ever you decide to do.

  39. Carmen

    Learning the ins and outs of a creative business would be so very helpful!

  40. Katie

    I think any of the above would be lovely…totally interested.

  41. holly christine

    kelly- i would love a basic painting class–how to mix the colors, different techniques, etc. i would also be interested in hearing/seeing you go through your book. your DEMDACO line looks so great! do you know when it is available in stores? i can’t wait!

  42. Julie-ann

    Oh wow, So many comments, I think the interest is a certain.
    The business thing for me is a step that I want to take.
    Thank you for your beuatiful book I have with me on my knee. I have been mulling around for a theme for ages and you have given me the mixed media etra guidance, I needed.
    I was wrapped up just faces and know I wish to create a place for them to live in. Thank you so much.

  43. ChristinaJane

    PS as am an aussie the times zones would be a challenge so video feed we could download and watch, not sure what that is called, and a forum would be handy.

    Thanks again

  44. ChristinaJane

    G’day Kelly,

    I would love to first learn how to do faces as that is what I am struggling with at the moment, but to also go through the book chapter by chapter would be fantasic and for you to be considerating this just shows how much of yourself you want to give to other fellow crafters. Thankyou for taking the time to think on this.


  45. oksana

    sorry..forgot…I am intrested in journaling too:)

  46. oksana

    I ´d love to learn different tecniques of collage, image transfers, faces (of course), backgraunds.
    Also I have the same problem as Carol (see the comment)
    To go throught your book.. i think you explaned there very clear so better to learn something new:)
    In Spain is problem with supplies, we don´t have here so much different stuff like in US.

  47. Lady Di

    Online course would be awesome … I'm in Australia so timezones are challenging. I'd love to learn backgrounds and collage, but going through taking flight would be great. Am currently in a group going through Bernie Berlin's ATC Workshop book & it's so much fun. I'd like video instruction with some sort of help facility if needed … an online forum with other students could be the ticket.

  48. Jilly in Idaho

    Yes! I’d love classes in backgrounds, mixed media and collage but they all sound interesting. You could do a series of classes on dvd’s so people could buy just the ones they’d find most helpful and could watch as they did the lessons.
    A forum to chat with other students would also be a terrific idea.

    I’m really excited at the prospect of these kind of classes. With the way things are right now for a lot of people, going away to a retreat with travel, lodging and class fees aren’t a real possibility.

  49. jennymarie

    Oh Kelly Rae, I would just love online classes and actually would be interested in all of your suggestions but if I had to choose, I would pick learning about starting a creative business and going chapter by chapter through your book. I have done several online classes and I think they are addictive:) Some had video instruction and others step by step photos – both were great.

  50. trish

    I would also love to take a class about how to start your creative business!


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