i’m so excited to share the new studio space with you guys. when it was all said and done, i was totally in love with the set up, the organization, the color, and the inspiration. i went back and forth on whether or not i wanted to set up a space in our home, or if i wanted to have a studio space outside the home. ultimately, i decided to keep it at home, upstairs in one of the spare bedrooms. it’s a smallish room, requiring a bit of creative organization, as i really needed this room to be fully functional both for creating and for the business end (files, shipping supplies, computer work, printer, scanner, etc) of what i do. so here we go….a tour of a VERY clean and tidy studio (before it got all messy with paint)!

when we moved in, the walls in this room were already painted a vibrant, funky green  – perfect for a creative space. i already had one ikea work table and decided to get two more and put them all together to create an L shape. the tables are adjusted to stand higher than a standard table height as i prefer to work standing up. the long side of the L is where i create/paint and the short side of the L (where the chair is) is where i do office/computer work. i love that i can house all of my most used components (scanner, printer, paints, computer, etc) all on one table top while still having defined areas for each.

john made this bookshelf for me a couple of years ago out of salvage wood found at portland’s home rebuilding center. it’s one of my absolute favorite pieces – super sturdy and holds white wooden boxes (ikea) that store all sorts of supplies. to the left of the bookshelf is a large window that holds one of our stained glass pieces, and on a clear day, i can see the olympic range from that window (gorgeous). the sisal rug (also found at ikea) has a plastic backing – perfect for protecting the carpet from inevitable paint spills. the white chair and trash can are also from ikea (it was one very long day at the local ikea – hilarious, i tell you!).

over the holidays, my mom made some lovely table curtains for me using some gorgeous amy butler fabric (i could melt into her fabrics – seriously). attached to the tables with velcro, the curtains are perfect for concealing more supplies under the tables that i need to access on a regular basis (i have a couple rolling tupperware containers directly underneath my painting area that hold all sorts of stuff, including more paint, inks, pens, pencils, ephemera, stamps, etc). the take flight banner was custom made by etsy seller, meringue designs, and it’s purely inspirational (i love it). above the banner is the heart my sister made for our wedding cake years ago. it reads blessed be on it and it’s one of my most treasured gifts ever. the wooden frame on the wall was found years ago on the side of the road.

the wire inspiration line (for photos, inspiration, reminders, etc) that spans the entire length of the wall came from ikea – i love how the clips make it easy to take things on/off the wire (a fave).
i found this old yellow metal tool box at a junk store recently and am using it to store most of my fluid acrylic paints. love this. it’s got a handle and everything 🙂

loving my heap of painting aprons hanging on the bookshelf. curtain ties are left over fabric from the table curtains.

the letter K (anthropologie) is a perfect bookend to my stash of creative magazines on the book shelf. next to it is a peach vintage glass that holds some of my sea glass (oh how i love to find sea glass!).

a bit of book inspiration on the shelves, along with a couple art journals from taking flight.

hanging on the wall by the door, is this little winged project – also made for taking flight. made from an old metal doorknob holder, it holds a beloved photo of my mom.

this is a close-up of my work/office/computer area. the bins to the right are fabric boxes made to go inside a hanging clothes shelf, but i’m using them to hold various paper, mattes, and shipping supplies. and i absolutely love my white desktop carousel – perfect for holding pens, scissors, postcards, tape, and more. and last, but not least, a favorite photo of me and john is tacked to the wall.

what you can’t see is the large closet on the opposite wall from this window. it has shelves and plenty of space to hold more shipping supplies, boxes, and more – things that i don’t need to get to very often but are nice to have around in the studio.
so that’s the tour. for me, it’s really important that my creative space be colorful, and that it house some of my favorite things – things that speak to my heart and make me happy. it’s a room i’ll be spending a ton of time in and i hope it continues to inspire me to do my best, create fearlessly, and to enjoy it every step of the way.
ps – thanks for all the celebration comments in my last post. i am still sick over here. i finally saw a doctor today and am now on prescription drugs for a nasty ear infection/bronchitis/sinus infection (all at once, oh my!), but your comments have really lifted me up as i rest and wait for a full recovery.

Hi, I'm Kelly Rae Roberts!

Before I picked up my first paintbrush at the age of 30, I was a medical social worker. I followed my whispers and started playing with paint and everything changed.

Now I’m a full-time artist, author and Possibilitarian, who helps women explore and nourish their creative souls.

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