guest bedroom/office + other peeks.

Jan 11, 2009 | Home + Studio Tours

i hope you guys don’t get tired of my room tours. i am downright obsessed these days with nesting and moving furniture around and settling in. i’m still sick, and have lost my voice, but have enjoyed puttering around the house in between meds and taking it easy.

here’s the guest bedroom/office and some other views from upstairs:

it’s bright and happy yellow with a bright and happy bedspread. the office nook to the right is primarily john’s space for computer and paperwork stuff.

framed artwork above the bed is by steve rubinkam (adore him). and the other painting is one that i kept from taking flight. i still love this rusty green bed we found in florida years ago. we recently upgraded to a queen size (hello leg room!) so it had to go in another room besides ours. i’m pretty sure it likes all the color in this room. good company.

i took all of our random photo frames and hung them up here, in the guest bedroom/office. friends + family, all there together. i hope to add more to the collection so that it grows to the right and spreads out over the wall. wouldn’t that be cute?

vanity detail of vintage mirror and green leafed bottle my mom made and gave to me (from previous post).


this is the top of our computer/office nook. i’ve always had a thing for vintage clocks.

l.o.v.e.l.y. is what you see when you walk into the upstairs bathrooms with sailboat blue walls and white beadboard. i believe these are old letterpress blocks, found at a junk store recently. i so love this bathroom. i really do.

this is a view from the upstairs landing looking into our bedroom. original works from mati rose, sabrina ward harrison, carla sonheim, and stephanie lee. more to be added soon to this little wall art collection, including a piece i just purchased from amy ruppel (it’s so HARD to snag one of her paintings before they’re all sold out…it must have been a very lucky day for me:)

speaking of art, i bought this beauty last month at seattle’s urban craft uprising show. painted by raa, i absolutely adore it and it also hangs in the upstairs landing.

so there you have it. peeks into some of our upstairs spaces. ย next up will be a studio tour (which is in one of the spare bedrooms upstairs). you can see a sneak peek here. as i nest and obsess about arrangement of collections, furniture placement, etc, etc, i’m deeply reminded how important it is to surround ourselves only with the things we love, that speak to our senses, and make us feel most like ourselves. to me, that’s art, photos, vintage collections, and color. what about you? what beauty do you surround yourself with in your spaces that you call home?

Sending much love,

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  1. Rabbit Hill Creations

    Your guest room is awesome!…you can’t get happier than the color yellow. So pretty.

  2. DH 2Travelers

    oh, Kelly Rae, you only know me through the orders I’ve placed and if you’ve ever visited my two blogs, but girl, CAN I COME STAY IN YOUR GUEST ROOM? It is downright CHARMING, ADORABLE, FUNKY and SO WELCOMING. Wow. Good work, KR. your new “nest” is shaping up beautifully. I think there just might be a baby in your future after all ๐Ÿ˜‰ !!! — ( or )– Davielle in Encinitas, CA

  3. Elizabeth Picone

    Thanks for sharing your pics! Your space is just as bright & cheery as you are, m'dear! ๐Ÿ™‚ Angel hugs, ~E

  4. ambrella

    Oh, how inspiring! I yearn for space this well lit. What a wonderful place to leap into, “site unseen”! Get well soon, but don’t finish the down time till you’re ready:) Happy New Year.

  5. Katrina

    oh, i love seeing your new space! congrats on all that nesting and happy 2009 to you. xoxo, k.

  6. Carla Sonheim

    You moved to SEATTLE!?! We’re moving summer ’09… yay!

    Your home is so lovely…

  7. Rachel Austin

    Hi Kelly
    Thanks for including my painting in your post! I’m glad to see you enjoying it – your home and your paintings are beautiful! It was great to meet you in Seattle. : )
    Best wishes,

  8. Busymomma66

    I love your sense of style. Keep posting pictures to inspire us!!

  9. borcherding

    OMG! I absolutely LOVE it!!

  10. Heather

    I love the room tours! I love seeing how people decorate their homes, especially artists. I am in a serious re-nesting phase. Cant wait to see your studio!~

  11. Cindy Dean

    Love the colors Kelly. Very cute.

  12. GraceGal


  13. Amanda

    I love your happy decorating!

    I’ve got lots of art up at my place; some of my own and some from other artists (like Sarah Detweiler and Stella Im Hultberg). I’ve got soft dove grey walls right now, but 2009 will see a burst of peacock-inspired jewel tones. Because I can.

    My favorite things in the apartment are my 3.5 ft tall statue of Quan Yin and my anthropologie bedding. Can’t wait til I can afford more anthropologie, I share your obsession!

  14. CelticBuffy

    I love the snapshots of your home! The colors and decorating create a longing in me for how I’d like our home to look. It just shouts creativity, comfort, and happiness.

  15. Kathy2eggs

    Just beautiful….I love seeing other people’s rooms…now to clean a little clutter and photograph a few of mine.

  16. katie

    i’m so envious of the natural lighting in your house. it’s hard in the northwest to creat a bright cheery home like you’ve done.

    i love color and love surrounding myself with colorful surprises in my home.

  17. Jill

    Kelly Rea, WOW, I love the colors and all the wonderful decor. Your such a sweet women. I look forward to more pic’s of your studio.
    Feel better soon!!
    Smiles and Love,

  18. Anonymous

    Hi Kelly , thanks for sharing your home with us .The guest room looks very inviting , great colours.
    Sounds like you’re really happy there
    Love Lorraine x

  19. pen*

    i absolutely ADORE your room tour pictures. in fact your guest room features on my dreamboard this month! you make me wanna start decorating! ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. celisa

    your house is my soul expressed….i adore it.

  21. Jenny Bergvall

    WoW, I would LOVE to be your guest and stay in that beautiful room for a couple of days/nights ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Good job!

  22. wanda miller

    kelly, you are just the best! the peeks inside your new abode are wonderful! i have also enjoyed poring over your book. love, wanda

  23. jetfuellines

    Thanks for sharing the house photos. Always inspiring! This looks like something out of Apartment Therapy. I always shy away from yellow for some reason but it keeps coming up. I love the way you’ve used it here.
    Happy New Year! Jess

  24. Shalet

    It looks just like a B & B! Sadly we've lived in our house for 6 1/2 years and have yet to paint the bedroom. We live with plain white on the walls. Something's telling me that needs to change.

    Love your house!

    PS – I also loved your 2008 resolution list. I am now inspired to make my own dream list for 2009. Thank you! :o)

  25. michelle sylvia

    Your home is lovely!! Colorful and Bright and full of Spirit. Thanks for sharing your pics. It is so much fun decorating and re-decorating and filling spaces with your Love of Art. You are blessed to be able to throw it together so quickly after you move. It takes me almost 3 years on average to settle in and nest after every move…..

  26. Lunarmusings

    I love getting tours of your home and of your nesting process! We are living in our family cabin through the end of Winter and I have been having to resist the deep seeded need to nest fully, having to find smaller ways to do this. I am itching to paint walls, hang art, create little altars around the house. This was a lovely fresh up of tea for me. Thanks! And I love your walls!

  27. oksana

    It is always interesting to see how people making design of the houses! It is impossible to get tired from that:) Your house is very cosy! Love it very much! And I like the blue picture you bought!
    Get better soon!

  28. Trish

    I love that bed frame!! Years ago when I would stay overnight at my Grandma’s house, I would sleep in a bed just like that except the frame was painted orange!! Thanks for the memories of that wonderful time!!

  29. Sandy

    Thank you for sharing all these wonderful pictures! I love how light and open your house is, and that bed is completely awesome!

  30. Erika Martin - Stampin' Mama

    I’m not tired at all of seeing your cozy little nest. Keep posting! Yours is one of the blogs that I look for updates every day. (secretly wishes you would post EVERY day) ๐Ÿ™‚

    I am currently putting up a collection of my children’s canvas art on my wall in my studio. They inspire me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. j.dรกvila

    I love all the colors and the joy in your rooms! I have art and color and texture all over my house too.

    Surrounding yourself with the creative energy found in your own and other people’s art is absolutely the best!


  32. Cynthia

    Oh my gosh Kelly, your curtain treatment is driving me wild!
    I want my living room to be sort
    of an extension of my bedroom,
    and these curtains are just the
    thing to femme-up the area.

  33. paris parfait

    It looks so pretty, colorful and happy! A very uplifting look. As for my place, it’s filled with antiques and collectibles from my travels over the years. I change things around a lot, so as not to get tired of a look.

  34. melly~

    what a wonderfully happy space! i’m digging the tour!

  35. tricia

    Such a lovely home…I just love the color!

  36. Soon, Then

    Gasp! Your home is a total dream! I adore everything from the bedspread and the fantastic green bedframe to the blue table in the hall to your artwork choices. Wow, lady you have good taste!

  37. Jennifer Valentine

    Your new place looks so colorful and light and cheery!
    Everything we choose to surround ourselves with speaks to us in some way…
    for many years I have been partial to shades of white.
    Hope you feel better soon.

  38. zquilts

    How many ways can you spell “Sweet Dreams” – wonderfeul!

  39. risa

    The guest bedroom looks so cheery, welcoming! I just want to crawl right into that bed, under those beautiful covers!


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