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Dec 27, 2008 | Home + Studio Tours

have i mentioned my mom is one of the most creative people i know? walking through her home, especially during the holidays, is such a delight. check it out:

this year, she turned vintage bottles into absolutely whimsical holiday creations. each one different. each one magical. she made several of them and displayed them in groupings under the tree and on the coffee table, all surrounded in garland and other christmas decor delights. totally adorable.

this one is my absolute fave with it’s green feather wings, but these are a close second:

aren’t they lovely with their unique wings (which, by the way, are my sister’s idea and a favorite project (the paper wings, that is) in Taking Flight.) there are more bottles, of course. here’s one that features a lovely doorknob. and here are a couple underneath the tree (love the one that cleverly uses the clothes pin).

and you know, every chandelier needs salt + pepper shakers hanging from its lights, suspended up in glee and wonderment.

and spoons dipped in glitter and hung from the charlie brown christmas tree make delightful ornaments. i so loved these.

and these had me wondering: how did she do that? she made a small collection of these and hung them from another chandelier. and they look like christmas magic if i do say so myself.

even sweet little hand mirrors take flight in this house 🙂

totally loving the ornaments atop these candle sticks. makes a gorgeous table display. i’m thinking of doing this at our house with some of our vintage ornaments…they can stay out year round, no?

another jennifer valentine (my sister) creation, hanging as a reminder to all who enter this house: dream. and dream with a big heart. more photos over here, including the tree…

hope you all are enjoying the week. i have been loving the break here in florida (while seattle is still snowed in…oh my) with our families. today, we spent hours junking inside the largest antique mall i’ve ever seen. i was like a kid in a candy store, searching for new collections and ideas. total inspiration, places like this.
the break continues…really happy (and thankful) for it 🙂

Sending much love,

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  1. Sara Moriarty-delaFuente

    So there I was at the library (Midland) in Portland, OR looking for the book, “Marry your Muse” by Jan Phillips. I didn’t know who authored it and wasn’t even positive on the title so after a couple of failures with the title, I searched using keyword “muse.” There were 7 pages of books and as I scrolled through I saw your book on page two. I recognized it immediately because I visit your blog. I thought, how cool is that! So then I went to check it out and saw that the four copies they had were all checked out and there were three hold requests on it. So I am hold number four.

    I just wanted to share because I was so juiced by it. I hope you are too. I mean seriously… how stinking’ awesome…


  2. One Love Photo

    What fun and sweet details. Looks like the perfect place to celebrate!

  3. Cindy

    My dream Christmas house! How wonderful. Love your book and blog Kelly. Added you to my favorites on my blog:

    Your book inspires me so…thanks for writing and sharing your creativeness with us 🙂 The gift I gave to myself this year!


  4. Pea

    Hello Kelly,
    I am new to your blog and your art. I was given your book as a gift and I am here to tell you Thank you!! Your book was just what this artist needed. A good dash of whispers. LOL
    I am across the sound from Seattle and we are still currently snowed in. So Enjoy the lovely weather there.
    Thank you again for sharing with us your gift. Love the family decorations and I see art runs in the family!
    Be Blessed,Phillane

  5. tricia

    what a magical place:) I absolutely love her little creations….so special.

  6. asnipofgoodness

    Oh my GOSH!!!! your mom is as talented as you are!!! beautiful!!! thanks for sharing!!

  7. Di

    Beautiful. Thanks for sharing so much of your mum’s lovely creations. Happy New Year! x

  8. Gypsy Alex

    Wow! I see so much of your mother in you. All her creations are kind of like 3d Kelly paitings 🙂 Happy New Year, Kelly! xo

  9. Anonymous

    Such inspiring work! Love them and thank-you for such clear photos! ~Hope you keep enjoying the warm and well-deserved break … 🙂 alexa

  10. Anonymous

    Such inspiring work! Love them and thank-you for such clear photos! ~Hope you keep enjoying the warm and well-deserved break … 🙂 alexa

  11. Martine

    Happy new year and thank you for your delightful paintings!

  12. Kathy2eggs

    Your Mom is so artistic….I’m so happy you shared her home with us..have a great new year!!

  13. Donna

    Hope you are enjoying the Florida sun…and your Mom’s house…magical!

  14. Laini Taylor

    This is all so awesome, Kelly! You and your mom should do a home decor book together. I’d buy it! Or a holiday decorating book?

    Hope you guys are setting in nicely in Seattle!

    Happy New Year!

  15. Jenn

    Wow, very creative in deed.
    My favorite is the last one. I would so hang that in my window.

  16. Chriss

    Hey Kelli,

    It is great to see the creative Christmas decorations from your Mother’s home. I see where you get your talent. Have you ever seen the Silver Bella website? Here:
    Also, I wrote about it on my blog: There are a few pictures as well. I know you and your mom would love their glittering creations.

    Happy New Year!


  17. Steph

    Wow! Such creative folks in your family!!

  18. amanda

    magic everywhere, i adore it!!! my mom is the same, she always blows me away with the small creative touches she puts into entertaining (and every day life).

  19. trish

    beautiful photos!

  20. Mayberry Magpie

    I bought your book yesterday in a
    Barnes and Noble in Tulsa, OK. Isn’t the world a weird, magical place?

    Can’t wait to get my hands dirty today!

  21. Belinda

    what an amazing family of talent, it all looks so beautiful and magical.

  22. Karen Travels

    I love this post – reminds me of my mom, who makes ornaments out of sea shells and sea glass!

    I have been lurking here for a while and finally decided to post a comment – love your work!

  23. paris parfait

    Your mom is very clever and creative – lovely little whimsical touches to add to the Christmas magic! xo

  24. Dale

    Kelly, you have such a creative family! What wonder! I really like the beautiful ornaments that you guys have there. The handmade kind are always the most special ones of all, that really touch our heart and mean something. I am so very charmed by your beautiful, festive home.

  25. kitasmom

    this is EXACTLY how i would want my house decorated! Can your mom come to MY house next year? Linda E. from Squam

  26. Jenny Bergvall

    Absolutely gorgeous things. LOVE the spoon. Gonna make myself one too I think 😉

  27. Jilly in Idaho

    How fun! A beautiful whimsical holiday setting. I’d like to borrow a couple of those ideas, hope DH doesn’t freak. Honestly, looks like a good idea for another book.

  28. Jamie

    Your family is just too cool! I love the whole theme – so creative, so magical.

  29. lauriejacobsen

    thanks for sharing these lovely, heartwarming treasures from your mom and sister! what a family! 🙂

  30. Shelba


  31. Rowena

    Obviously, your creativity was not born in a vacuum. Lovely things.

    I hope 2009 brings a time for all your wishes to come to fruition.

  32. curious girl (lisa)

    wow! I am blown away! love the spoons and the shakers on the chandelier. enjoy the sunshine.

  33. Tess

    These are absolutely gorgeous – so many lovely ideas. I think I especially like the spoons – so quirky.

  34. Emme

    Amazing and inspiring! Glad you are having a good break. The snow here in Seattle is starting to melt, a little, finally. Enjoy that Florida sun!

  35. ~Barb~

    What a wonderful home to be a part of..I love the dream heart, it makes me happy just looking at it.
    Peace & Love,

  36. Margaret Ann

    Looks like a home filled with angels…wonderful creations…love each and every one…I think the last has to be a favorite! 🙂

  37. Meri Arnett-Kremian

    Like mother, like daughter! It’s easy to see who planted your creative seed. So happy it bloomed. Enjoy Florida as it’s still yucky here in Puget Sound land.


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