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Oct 26, 2019 | My Creative Practice, Wear Your Joy™


Hi dear friends,

After 7 days of the #wearyourjoy challenge over on Instagram (which, by the way, was so fun!), many of you have asked where I shop, where I find my accessories and more.

Good news! I have rounded up all sorts of goodness for you, including some of my favorite inspirations, and more. May it inspire you along your Wear Your Joy path!



Pants Under Dresses!


(I’m wearing Gudrun clothes, and Dansko clogs)


(I’m wearing Gudrun clothes and scarf, and Dansko clogs)


(I’m wearing Gudrun clothes, and Dansko sandals)


I love, love, love wearing pants under dresses. Not only is it super comfortable, it’s a little bit quirky which makes me happy.

In all three of the photos above, I’m wearing clothes from Gudrun Sjoden, which is by FAVORITE place to shop. Their clothes are both comfortable, well-made, and have colorful designs and patterns, which I love. They also have amazing sales, which I try and take advantage of.

I also love that ALL of their clothes are ethically sourced, so I can feel good about where the clothes come from. I also love how inclusive they are, creating clothes for all shapes and sizes. Their catalogs feature real-life models – older women, women of color, moms, and more. I cannot recommend their clothes enough. I’m also one of there ambassadors, which makes me insanely happy.


(I’m wearing Gudrun scarf and dress, Pilcro high rise jeans (sold at Anthropologie), and  Frye boots)


My favorite pant sources:

In addition to flowy pants under dresses (Gudrun is a great place to find those, or the Avatar bloomer pants), I love wearing high rise skinny jeans under dresses. My favorite high rise skinny jeans are Pilcro (sold at Anthropologie) and NYDJ.



 Favorite Tunic Patterns!


(Dottie Angel tunic pattern paired with a Gudrun shirt, Pilcro high rise jeans (sold at Anthropologie), and  Frye boots)


(Sew Liberated Schoolhouse Tunic pattern paired with  Avatar bloomer pants and green Jafa clogs)


(Sew Liberated Metamorphic Dress pattern paired with  Avatar bloomer pants , Dansko sandals, and Lyly earrings)


I’m a huge fan of wearing tunic dresses made from a pattern. My mom, an avid sewer, makes them for me. I’m so lucky!  One of the reasons I love having my tunics made is because I have so much fun picking out the fabric!

For those of you who can sew or have someone who can sew for you (don’t rule out hiring someone!), below is a list of my favorite tunic patterns. 

Sew Liberated Metamorphic Dress pattern

Sew Liberated Schoolhouse Tunic pattern

Dottie Angel tunic pattern

The boardwalk pattern by Indygo Junction



 Cardigans + Jean Jackets + Booties!


(High waisted Pilro jeans, cardigan, and tank top from  Anthropologie. shoes are Dansko clogs)


(I’m wearing a Gudrun dress and tights with a thrifted vest, boot cuffs, and  Frye boots)


(I’m wearing a dress and Pilcro jean jacket from Anthropologie, leggings, and  Frye boots)


(I’m wearing a dress and Pilcro jean jacket from Anthropologie, leggings, and  Frye boots)


I love pairing cardigans or jean jackets over flowy shirts and dresses as a way to give the outfit a  little bit of shape while still maintaining comfort. Add in a pair of tights/leggings and boots, and voila, a cute outfit!

Speaking of boots, I love wearing boot cuffs in the Winter. Adds a pop of fun to any outfit.



 Fun + Colorful Tights!


(I’m wearing Gudrun tights, a handmade tunic, and Dansko clogs)


(I’m wearing a dress and tights from Anthropologie and Dansko clogs)


(I’m wearing Gudrun dress layered over a Gudrun shirt, Gudrun tights, and Frye boots)


(I’m wearing Gudrun dress layered over Gudrun tights, and Miz Mooz boots with boot cuffs)


I love patterned tights and leggings. I prefer cotton ones vs spandex. They can be a little hard to find, but I’ve had good luck with Gudrun. I love mixing patterns – as long as the main clothing items share a dominant color (like all the dresses and tights in the above photos), it seems to work.



 Layers and Layers!

(I’m wearing a Gudrun tunic layered over a dress from Anthropologie and Gudrun flowy pants. Belt is from Anthropologie .)


(I’m wearing a jean jacket and dress from  Anthropologie layered over leggings. Cowgirl boots are Old Gringos)


(I’m wearing a Gudrun tunic layered over a Gudrun slip layered over Gudrun flowy pants. Belt is from Bali (a simple fabric belt), and  shoes are Dansko sandals.)


(I’m wearing a Gudrun tunic layered over a Gudrun dress layered over Gudrun flowy pants with a skinny scarf. Shoes are Jafa sandals.)

I loooove playing with layers. It’s one of my favorite things to do. Sometimes I’ll throw on a belt to bring it all together, and sometimes I just let if flow.

I don’t worry about whether or not my layered looks are “flattering.”

As long as I feel good in my choices, that’s what I’m going for. I don’t want to get to the end of my life being known for whether or not I wore “flattering” outfits. I want to be remembered for showing up in authentic ways – in my relationships, in my inner compass, in my parenting, in my work, and yes, even in how I present myself to the world with my clothes.



 Tied shirts!


(I’m wearing a high waisted jean skirt and high waisted cropped pants, both are the Pilcro brand from Anthropologie. Both pairs of sandals are Dansko)


When the weather is warmer, I love tieing my shirts! If it’s a button down shirt, I simply unbutton the bottom buttons and tie the ends together (as seen on the right in the photo above).

If it’s just a regular ol shirt without buttons, like the one on the left, I  gather the the extra fabric at the bottom of the shirt and either tie it in a knot, or if there isn’t enough fabric, I’ll roll and twist it up into a ball and hold it in place with a hair band.



Bathing Suits!



Hands down, my favorite bathing suits of all time are from Seea Swimwear. So comfortable. And sylish. And double lined. Well made. .



Shoes, shoes, shoes!


(Old Gringo boots)


My all-time favorite clogs and sandals:

  • I love Dansko clogs and sandals. Super comfortable. Last forever.
  • I also Jafa clogs and sandal. They get amazing colors from vegetable dye! Super light. Very comfortable. Great colors.


My all-time favorite everyday boot or bootie:

  • I have three pair of Frye booties. One is a western style in brown. One is a more urban style in gray. And one is more sleek, in brown. I’ve had them all for years and love them!


My all-time favorite cowgirl boot:

  • My first pair of cowgirl boots were Old Gringos and now I have three pairs. They were all a splurge yet fully worth it. It’s like wearing art on your feet. Handcrafted, embroidered, artisan boots. AND there is zero breaking in with Old Gringos. I know I’ll have them forever. I consider them heirlooms.


My all-time favorite flats:

  • Although they aren’t the most comfortable (like Dansko’s or Jafa’s), I love the colors and style of  Miz Mooz shoes.




I hope that inspires you to get your joy wearing ON!


PS: Come take the Wear Your Joy class! I’d love to have you!

Let’s Make Your Heart Visible & Wearable

Are you ready to fundamentally change the way you look at getting dressed? Join the movement of thousands of women who are aligning what’s on the inside with what’s on the outside, making their hearts visible – and wearable.

Wear Your Joy™ is soul work, with style. Start today!

Sending much love,

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  1. Robin Brawn

    I love your style!

    How about your half moon disc (brass ?)earrings?

  2. Ellen Warren

    I enjoyed seeing your outfits and where you buy them but what I would really LOVE is to know where you found some of your home decorations. I am especially interested in where to find the floral rugs, the gorgeous floral wallpaper in your dining room and the curtains with the feather print that hang behind the bathtub. I have been looking around on this website to try and find that information but, so far, I have been unsuccessful. Thanks for sharing your joyous, creative style with us. You are such an inspiration!

    • Kelly Rae Roberts

      Hi Ellen,
      The wallpaper is from Anthropologie, and I love to get rugs from USArugs.com as they’re affordable and I don’t feel guilty about the inevitable wear and tear from my dogs/kids. The curtains behind the bathtub are also from Anthropologie from many years ago. Thanks for the decor love!

  3. Thati

    Oh my goodness! I absolutely love your style! So creative and inspirational! I got to do a major cleaning on my wardrobe and go do some shopping at the thrift stores in town asap! lol

  4. Barbara

    Thanks for the inspiration. I did the Wear Your Joy class a few years ago, but have not be doing it lately. Seeing this helps me remember that I feel better when I’m happy with my clothes and hair. Then I treat others better. So it’s not selfish of me to do this. I even ordered some new clothes. How lucky I am that I get your cute, happy face on my email.


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