Wear Your Joy – Most Likely To Wear Stripes With Plaid

Dec 8, 2017 | My Creative Practice, Wear Your Joy™

In high school, I was voted “Most Likely To Wear Stripes With Plaid.” Here I am with my high school buddy Matt who also won the prize.

On the first day of 6th grade, I was sent home for wearing an outfit that was inspired by both Madonna and Flashdance. It was the mid-80’s and I was a public school girl entering a private school for the first time. It did not go well.

I have a vivid memory of my favorite outfit in the 3rd grade: A pair of pastel-colored checkboard pants paired with a Japanese style pink shirt and purple SUSPENDERS. I finished off my look with one pink high top converse and one purple. I woke up early on the days I wore this outfit so that I could blow out my mullet just so. It was the early 80’s 🙂

Friends, wear your joy. Fly your freak flag. Be brave and give yourself permission to PLAY with your clothes. Although I make MUCH better fashion choices these days, I’m still making what’s in my heart visible – and wearable.

What childhood outfit do you remember with love and delight?

Want to join me in wearing your joy TODAY? Come join me for a 30 day course all about the practice of getting dressed in joy. Let’s bring back the joy, ya’ll. All the details here!

Sending much love,

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  1. Tere

    When my little girl started school, Kinder,she wanted to wear her joy, and she always did, her teacher asked me, why would I allow her to come to school, dressed like she did? I told her, she is happy and confident when she, “dressed for happiness”
    pink shoes,fluffy green skirt,striped yellow tights, strands of jewels, and a side ponytail. Perfect !
    My darling one decided Monday’s would be her, Free Expression day. She was painfully shy, a twin, speech problems. At the prompting from her speech pathologist, she joined drama club.
    When she dressed up and took the stage,she transformed, and her courageous happy dressing was her guiding star.
    The power of happy dressing is amazing! ⭐️


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