I really, really want to reach out to her and squeeze her. Hard.

Apr 15, 2015 | My Creative Practice


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Earlier today I was chatting with Betsy, my brand/biz manager (a HUGE blessing in my life), about how next year, 2016, will be the 10 year anniversary of my art business. While we were chatting on the phone we looked at some really old blog posts from ten years ago that show the extremely humble beginnings of my learning how to paint, how to dream despite the fears, how to fall in love, how to manifest and create the life that was waiting. 
As I reading some of these old post from Feb 2006 and onward, I just wanted to reach into the screen and genuinely hug that girl, that sweet younger version of myself that knew, somehow, without much guidance except the whispers in her own heart, to listen to the nudges that called to her, to make some really bad art until she found HER voice, to then, audaciously, sell that art in an attempt to see what would unfold. Who knew that almost 10 years later, a whole boatload of things, beautiful and hard and amazing, would unfold.
Today, I am feeling humble, and downright proud of that younger version of myself, and proud of 10 years of navigating the highs, the lows, the mistakes, the triumphs, and most of all, staying true. It hasn’t been easy. But it’s been a blessed journey. And I’m just so, so grateful.
Thank you for supporting me, all of these years. I feel like we’ve grown up together. 
Kelly Rae
PS: Reading my archives has inspired me to get back to this blog more than I have in a long time. I believe we go through seasons, and I’ve been in a season of cultivating and tending to other non-blog things for a long time. I’m ready to get back here and just spill, spill, spill.
PPS: For those of you who are interested in reading my archives from way back when (2006-2008 are the early years of my learning to paint, and eventually selling my work and the aftermath of a life that changed dramatically in a short amount of time [licensing! book deal! magazines! etc!]), you can head to the right sidebar of my blog and you’ll see a drop down menu for the archives. Enjoy!  

Sending much love,

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